When AI Goes Wrong: The Disastrous Actors Imagined for The Avengers Remake

The perfect cast for an Avengers series on Disney Plus? or so the AI thinks

When AI Goes Wrong: The Disastrous Actors Imagined for The Avengers Remake
Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

A few days ago we imagined what a Twilight remake could look like as a TV series for Max. Considering that Warner Bros. Discovery’s new platform will be running a new Harry Potter series, it didn’t hurt to see what would happen. But the result was so horrifying that it looked like a real horror movie… so we had to keep testing.


Today we bring you what The Avengers would be like if Disney decided to remake the original movie. That is, if they decided to tell the same story as Joss Whedon‘s 2012 film but with a completely new cast. Whether in film or series form – an Avengers series on Disney Plus would be a hoot – it’s a very interesting exercise.

Still, the result couldn’t have been more… odd. Certainly none of the actors that ChatGPT has proposed – with the exception of Thor and, perhaps, the Hulk – seem to fit the superhero roles at all. And neither have Stable Diffusion‘s results been much better, to tell the truth. But as a diversion it’s an unbeatable practice.

The ideal actors of The Avengers according to ChatGPT

The first thing we did was to ask ChatGPT which actors he imagines playing the roles of both the superheroes and the villain of the original movie: Loki. We have detailed what we want specifically so that the OpenAI tool does not get lost… but their proposals are very rare. We leave you with the conversation we had:

Create the perfect all-new casting for a remake of The Avengers. I need the perfect actors for: Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Loki.

Sure! Here’s my casting proposal for an Avengers remake:

  • Captain America: Chris Evans did an amazing job in the role in the previous version, but for this new version I would like to see John Boyega in the role of the leader of the Avengers. He is a talented and charismatic actor who could take the franchise to a new level.
  • Iron Man: In this role, my choice would be Rami Malek. He has proven to be a versatile actor with a wide range of emotions and personalities in his previous characters, making him an excellent choice for the role of billionaire philanthropist Tony Stark.
  • Hulk: Although Mark Ruffalo did a fine job in this role, I think Tom Hardy could play a more intimidating and terrifying Hulk. He has the physical strength and bearing to portray the green giant.
  • Thor: For the God of Thunder, my choice would be Alexander Skarsgård. He is a Swedish actor with an imposing presence and a square jaw that makes him perfect to play the Marvel character.
  • Hawkeye: For the role of the skilled archer, I would like to see Garrett Hedlund in the role. He has proven himself capable of playing complicated characters in the past, and I think his physical appearance would fit the character perfectly.
  • Black Widow: The actress I would like to see in this role is Saoirse Ronan. She has the ability to play complex characters and a great acting ability that would make her ideal for the role of Natasha Romanoff.
  • Loki: Finally, to play the villain that everyone loves to hate, I would like to see Tom Hiddleston reprising his role. Hiddleston has proven his talent as Loki in the previous version, and it would be great to see him back in action.

We all agree that Loki IS Tom Hiddleston. But we wanted to try something else, so we asked about him again.

Find another actor for Loki, please.

Of course, if you prefer a different actor for the role of Loki, my choice would be Richard Madden. He has proven his acting chops in roles such as Robb Stark in Game of Thrones and Prince Kit in the Disney movie “Cinderella.” His current looks and skills make him a great candidate to play the god of mischief.

Creating the casting of The Avengers remake with AI

Once ChatGPT has done its job, we turned to Stable Diffusion to see what these actors would look like playing the respective superheroes. And, well, the occasional image is salvageable… but overall the result couldn’t be weirder. It’s almost worse than the cast of the Marvel’s Avengers video game.

John Boyega as Captain America
Rami Malek as Iron Man
Tom Hardy as Hulk
Alexander Skarsgård as Thor
Garrett Hedlund as Hawkeye
Saoirse Ronan as Black Widow
Richard Madden as Loki

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