Avast 2016: How to protect your passwords

Avast 2016: How to protect your passwords

“Email claiming to be from Santander steals your passwords.”

“An attack on 000Webhost involving data from millions of users.”

“Warning about a security breach that steals your data and passwords.”

These are just some of the headlines from the online press last month that have password theft as the main subject. Almost every week we are shocked to read that a group of hackers has taken advantage of a security breach to obtain passwords. Surely, at least once, you have become overwhelmed with paranoia and thought “What if my password has been compromised?“.

If hackers are a greater threat today than traditional viruses, it is logical that antivirus software modernizes and strives to get rid of this new danger. The 2016 edition of Avast focuses on ensuring that you never become a victim of these attacks. One of the major developments in this regard is the “Password” function.

The goal of “Password” is to encrypt the passwords you use on the Internet to increase security. It also allows you to use one single “master password.” Remember it, and Avast will use auto-complete to save you time logging in. Finally, “Passwords” syncs your passwords across all your devices and helps you to create unique and secure passwords.

Using “Passwords” is simple. As well as this, the basic version is available in all versions of Avast (Free, Pro, Internet Security, and Premier).

After a rigorous tutorial you must choose your master password. Do not forget that, it is essential to access all the other functions!

After that, download its extension in your favorite browser. Then you must enable it when the conformation message appears.

The next step is to collate all your passwords. Whenever you log onto a website, Avast 2016 will ask if you want to add the password to your database. You do have other options, such as putting the data in manually or importing all the data from your browser.

When you have enough passwords, Avast will calculate an average safety rating. It will tell you which passwords are not secure. In this way, you will know which passwords are better for you.

Would you like more protection? Then you can set up an account using the premium payment option. This notifies you whenever a password may have been compromised and also allows you login to all your accounts with just one tap of the screen on your mobile device.

Remember that you can download 2016 Avast Free today, only on Softonic. There are four versions of the antivirus available:

Avast Free Antivirus 2016

Avast Pro 2016

Avast Internet Security 2016

Avast Premier Antivirus 2016

Want to know how to create secure passwords? At Softonic, we have guides and advice of all kinds. For example you can try out How to: create strong passwords.

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