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Upgrade your online security with Avast Secure Browser PRO built-in Mimic VPN

Upgrade your online security with Avast Secure Browser PRO built-in Mimic VPN
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When it comes to the best Chromium browsers that offer online security, few match the exceptional performance of Avast Secure Browser. It contains so many tools you can use for free, and you won’t have to worry about anyone tracking you or malware infecting your PC.

You’ll have more protections and features if you upgrade to Avast Secure You’ll have more protections and features if you upgrade to Avast Secure Browser PRO, though. One of the extra utilities built into the advanced browser is a virtual private network (VPN) powered by Avast proprietary technology called Mimic VPN protocol. We’re not talking about a standard feature for the whole PC, but rather one specifically designed to secure your browsing experience. Let’s take a look at some of the top features.

Unlock the full potential of browsing with Avast Secure Browser SPECIAL OFFERS

Why you need browser security in this day and age

Technology has grown at such a rapid rate over the past decade. We’ve seen new computers, modems, routers, games, apps and so much more to make our lives more convenient and pleasurable. You can even watch the top shows and movies from the comfort of your home now, and remote working is a global phenomenon.

The problem is that there are hackers and companies that want your information. They’ll use it to break into your online bank account, see which products to advertise during videos, or infect your devices with malware. If you want to continue safely using your PC, you need browser security to protect your data.

Unlocking the full potential of the internet

Fortunately, we have VPNs that let us anonymously browse the internet without anyone tracking the I.P. address. No one can see what you’re watching, and you won’t have third parties studying your online behavior to market products on social media. The best part is that you can view content from other countries thanks to tools that circumvent geo-restrictions. 

There are so many VPN solutions on the market, though? What sets Avast Secure Browser apart from competitors like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox?

How Avast Secure Browser PRO’s VPN stands apart from the rest

Sometimes, it isn’t necessary to access a VPN for your entire computer. It may mess with some of your apps, such as Steam, Phoenix Miner, or Xbox Games Pass. This issue has been a problem for anyone that has a VPN installed that covers the whole device. 

Avast Secure Browser PRO comes to the fore with a solution by adding its VPN to the browser last year. If you look to the left of the address bar in the free version, you’ll see a built-in VPN icon with a line through it. By upgrading to the PRO version, you’ll immediately unlock the full power of the internet while safely browsing sites you love. The best part is that it won’t affect any of your other apps.

That also means you can enter your online banking account without someone spying on you and stealing your login information. With top speeds, you’ll jump onto a server in a specific country to watch movies in that region. For example, you can watch U.S. shows while relaxing on your sofa in France.

This solution is based on the Mimic VPN engine developed by Avast. There are two types of security protocols that use this engine. One activates for your entire computer, while the other focuses solely on your browser. Avast Secure Browser PRO uses the latter, which is why you’ll have an extremely fast and steady connection.

Avast Secure Browser PRO VPN

Other top security features you’ll enjoy

Besides military-grade protection, you won’t need to worry about annoying adverts while enjoying your favorite shows or visiting sites. Avast Secure Browser PRO blocks them completely, so you’ll start seeing messages asking you to disable your adblocker. That’s ok; you don’t have to. You can continue reading the site while skipping the default ad plug-ins.

There’s also unlimited bandwidth, so you can stream as many shows as you want or download all the top games without stressing about a cap. Simply enjoy fast internet speeds with safe browsing with absolutely no logging of activity.

Avast Secure Browser PRO: An award-winning solution

We’re not the only ones that feel Avast Secure Browser PRO is an exceptional browser with impressive performance and quality protection. Here are a few awards that showcase how powerful it is, especially the VPN component:

Avast Secure Browser PRO VPN

The most secure browsing experience at a discounted rate

We hope that you have a better understanding of why it’s essential to use a browser that promises and delivers the most secure online experience. The best part is that we’re offering a discounted rate for the annual and bi-annual subscriptions for Avast Secure Browser PRO, which includes the VPN service.

Instead of paying the full price, you’ll receive 20% off the annual or bi-annual cost. That means, when you take the monthly rate for each one into consideration, you could be saving up to 61% per month. Now, isn’t that worth protecting your information at all costs?

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