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Best apps to help keep your 2019 New Year’s resolutions

Troy Zaher


The end of one year brings a plethora of New Year’s resolutions: things that we promise ourselves we will work on in the next year, but rarely end up actually doing.

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This year, however, you can stop the cycle of breaking your resolutions. There are hundreds of apps dedicated to habit change, and many of them are specific to some of the most common resolutions out there. Whether you’re planning to lose weight or to eat healthier, there are apps that will hold you accountable for these promises. That kind of accountability is what many of us need to actually stick with these changes, so they are worth checking out depending on what your resolutions are. Here are some of the best habit change apps out there that will help you keep you keep those valuable promises to yourself:

Best apps to help you keep your 2019 New Year’s resolutions


This app focuses on life management and helping you create a better version of yourself. No matter what your resolution is, can help you keep track of the life changes you want to stick to. It also has the option for obtaining a leadership and/or habit coach, who you would hire as an online life coach. This can help for grander resolution changes that will take a long time and some help to accomplish.

7. Streaks

The premise of Streaks is to try and go 12 consecutive days without breaking a new habit. Whether that is eating better, managing your time properly, or any other resolution you may have, Streaks works to help you maintain a streak of good behavior for as long as possible. It will even go past the 12 days, so if you successfully maintain a streak, you can see how long it’ll go for. Then if you break it, you can work your way back up with a new goal of beating your own time. It is a great motivation tool for helping you develop good habits.

6. My Diet Coach

The most common New Year’s resolutions according to YouGov, have something to do with weight loss. My Diet Coach is the perfect app for tracking your weight loss journey, if this is the resolution you’ve chosen to work on. The app is able to track your food intake, your weight, and your fitness accomplishments as you work on shaving off those pounds. The app is especially helpful to those who are both dieting and exercising, as the app is dedicated to helping you improve your overall wellness.

My Diet Coach Free Download

5. Mint


For anyone trying to save some money in the new year, this app is perfect for you. It not only helps you budget out your income, but it also can help prevent needless spending. You can link it to multiple bank accounts, so if you have your money spread out, you can still manage it under the same app. It also keeps you updated on your transactions. So as it helps you maintain your budget, it can also be used for identity theft prevention, since it lets you see when every transaction posts. It is the best money managing app out there.


4. Finish

As the name implies, this app is all about teaching yourself to finish tasks on time, or in general. Maybe your resolution is to actually finish projects that you start. Or perhaps you’re worried about whether you can keep your resolution or not. This app gives you frequent updates on how you’re doing, and whether you are falling behind on your task or not. Its main priority is to get you to finish whatever task you’ve set for yourself. It’s the ultimate motivation app.

3. Fabulous


The perfect high energy app for those who need a much bigger kick to prepare themselves for the new year. Fabulous focuses on resetting bad habits instead of creating new ones. By removing your bad habits, it makes way to help you start fresh. If you’re trying to eat healthier, you may want to start by eating less junk food, and this is the app to help you do just that. It also is more exciting, offering positive reinforcement that other habit trackers don’t. 

2. Habitshare


This app is a social habit tracker, that allows you to stay in contact with other people trying to change similar habits. While most habit trackers rely on accountability from self-motivation, and the app itself, Habitshare goes the extra mile by bringing in real people to help you with your changes. They also let message others and see how their progress is going on their habit updates. The app does allow you to create a private account, but we suggest using a different habit tracking app if you wish to go private, since the main benefit of Habitshare is the social networking aspect.

1. Habitify

This is probably the best habit tracker for people who have a lot to do in their day. Habitify prioritizes the habits you need to work on, based on the time of day and what has gotten done. This can help you change any behavior you’re looking to adjust, as well as keep track of your to do lists, all in the same app.

If you’re interested in more apps that can help you stick to your resolution, then you’ll definitely want to check out the suggestions that our Softonic Solutions community put together. You can even put up your own suggestions there if you feel like there is an app we missed. Best of luck reaching your goals in 2019 and beyond!

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