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Best Chrome extensions for Discord

Best Chrome extensions for Discord
Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

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Gamers are all too familiar with the popular chatting app, Discord. You can use it on browsers or download the desktop app, giving you the freedom to speak to your friends or share your status. However, it doesn’t always have the best functionality on Chrome, which is where extensions come to save the day.

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Here’s our list of the best Chrome extensions for Discord. Some of them will make the app more enjoyable to use, while others save you time when searching for specific chats. There are also some add-ons that simply change some of the visual features.

Discord Unblocked

Is Discord blocked on your Chrome browser for some reason? Perhaps your school or work doesn’t allow you to chat on the app? The Discord Unblocked extension provides new access to servers in the messaging application, bypassing any restrictions or issues you might have.

Since it’s linked to the official Discord app, you’ll have the same updates appear on the extension. You can still enter video or chat calls or edit your server. Also, you’ll save space on your PC and processing power on your CPU, as it’s a light version installed on Chrome.

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Best Discord Chrome extensions

Discord Desktop

As many gamers may be aware, the desktop and browser versions of Discord aren’t exactly the same. In many ways, the former is better, as it has more functionality and is better organized in some ways. Discord Desktop extension for Chrome provides a solution by providing a similar experience for your browser.

You’ll have the same workspaces, and the voice and video chats work much better than before. It’s also easy to send server links from your Chrome browser, especially since you’re already browsing other sites. That means there’s no need to switch windows to the desktop app and back.

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Best Discord Chrome extensions

Discord Bot Client

Bots on Discord help you automate tasks that take you too long to do yourself. They send members to the right channels or enable specific features for various tiers, as a few examples. Discord Bot Client lets you log into your Bot as if it’s a platform so that you can make a few changes from the inside.

You’ll see a login screen that will ask you for your token. Once inserted, you can view guild members, manage your guilds and channels, and make slight changes to any functions you created. 

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Best Discord Chrome extensions

Set Discord Activity

One of the Discord functions I love as a gamer is showing my friends what game I’m playing on Steam. However, there are many times it doesn’t work for other platforms, or you want to show what you’re listening to instead. Set Discord Activity is a handy tool for setting specific statuses, much like you’d do on Facebook.

There are four areas in the control bar. The first one lets you set what you’re doing, such as playing, listening, or watching. The next section lets you pick the title of the game, song, or movie. Finally, you can add a tagline and give the product a review score.

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Best Discord Chrome extensions

Discord Chat Saver – Export chat log to Xlsx

It can be a hassle and a waste of time to go through various channels, try and copy the text, and then paste them in a structured way. Discord Chat Saver – Export chat log to Xlsx makes the task easier, quickly exporting chats from channels or your direct messages to a spreadsheet. From there, you can organize the content the way you’d like.

The Chrome extension delivers the results in both Xlsx and HTML, whichever one you prefer. In the settings, you can select a specific range if you don’t want the entire discussion.

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Best Discord Chrome extensions


Here’s a Chrome extension created by a developer that needed a few more functions. Discord++ works on the Chrome browser version, adding a few tools that you may or may not find helpful. For instance, you can add filters that only you can enable or disable. However, only you will be able to view the filter.

There’s also a darker theme for Discord, but I’m sure the standard default dark theme works fine for most gamers. You can also play around with chat and bot settings. However, you won’t find too much functionality in those regards.

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Best Discord Chrome extensions

Discord Token Login

Instead of trying to remember your Discord username and password, you can use a Token you may have saved somewhere when you created or joined a server. Discord Token Login provides a quick interface to use that Token to access your account. The portal is secure and won’t steal your credentials, but you should still be careful not to share your Token details.

If someone else has your Token information, they can use a Chrome extension to access your account. Always keep your information safe so that you don’t lose your chats or channels.

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Best Discord Chrome extensions

BetterDiscord X

Here’s another Chrome extension that strives to improve Discord’s basic features. What makes BetterDiscord X stand out from the rest is that you can work on CSS and make changes to the script. While it’s incredibly powerful, I recommend only developers who know how to script use this add-on.

There’s so much you can do with BetterDiscord X. Feel free to make changes to the themes, add backgrounds, develop a plug-in loader, and so much more. You can also contact the support team at any time if you’re struggling with the CSS editor.

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Discord Profile Pic Preview

When you set a profile pic on Discord, it becomes active on all of the servers you’re on. Discord Profile Pic Preview extends the playing field by letting you experiment with profile images as much as you want with no limits. The Chrome extension lets you insert the picture’s link, which you may need to modify if it doesn’t work or exist online.

The benefit of the extension is that only you will see the new profile image. That means you can upload anything, and no one will see the change. However, it reverts back to your default image whenever you refresh the page. You’ll have to do the process again.

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Best Discord Chrome extensions

Hide Discord Sidebar

When you get tired of seeing all the Discord channels and servers on your Chrome window, you can use Hide Discord Sidebar to make them vanish. After installing and enabling the specific functions, you’ll notice how the chats or servers disappear into the left side of the window. You can reactivate them at any time when you’re ready to chat again.

This Chrome extension helps to keep you focused if you want the chat screen still open but you’re not going to use it for a short period while you work. You can set it to auto-hide all the time or only when the minimize the screen.

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Best Discord Chrome extensions

Discord Pop-Out Channels

One of my other writing projects is working with a gaming team for an upcoming MMORPG, Antreya Chronicles Online. We have a Discord channel where we discuss tasks for the month, but it can be distracting when the other servers become busy. If you have the same issue as me, try Discord Pop-Out Channels for Chrome.

What it effectively does is pop the channel out into a new Chrome window. There are no sidebars, and you’ll only see the team you want to chat to. With this extension, you can focus all your attention on that server without any interruptions.

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Best Discord Chrome extensions

Discord Status

The Discord Status extension for Chrome is similar to Set Discord Activity. It provides a panel where you can set your status for specific activities if you’d like your friends to see what you’re up to. It’s also handy for work, especially if you want your boss to know you’re working on that project and not playing The Elder Scrolls Online. 

There are various fields to complete. You can set the specific activity, what the title is for that activity, and add a few extra details. Discord Status even goes as far as letting you state how many activities you’re busy with, such as 2/4, for example.

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Best Discord Chrome extensions

Server IP

While the Server IP extension for Chrome doesn’t exclusively apply to Discord, you can use it for the messaging app. What it does is show what the correct I.P. address is for a specific server. It also works for Discord servers, even if you didn’t create them. 

An extra feature is color-coding different I.P. addresses for various servers. You’d usually use a Chrome extension like this when you want to switch files between servers, and you need the I.P details.

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