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13 Best Chrome extensions for Reddit

13 Best Chrome extensions for Reddit
Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

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Scrolling through Reddit has advantages and disadvantages, depending on your point of view. While there are some negative comments, it’s an excellent source for news and leaks you sometimes can’t find anywhere else. Installing an extension on Chrome can enhance your overall experience on Reddit or limit your time so you can be more productive.

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To make sure you find the top tools for this platform, we’ve created a list of the best Chrome extensions for Reddit. Work through them diligently, as each one serves a different purpose. Some add visual effects, others provide shortcuts, and you also have a few that will make your browsing easier.

Top Chrome Reddit extensions

Reddit Enhancement Suite

If you want to improve your experience on the platform, Reddit Enhancement Suite for Chrome browsers adds several features. For one, you can quickly switch accounts so you don’t need to log in and out the whole time. There are also several comment tools, such as navigation, hiding child comments, previews, and comment count. 

The only issue is that this Chrome extension only works on the previous version of Reddit. The developer hasn’t optimized it for the new layout as yet. Still, you can test it to see which features work for you.

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Best Chrome extensions for Reddit

Video Downloader for Reddit – Redditsave

Some Redditors post hilarious and exciting videos in forums that you may want to reuse. For example, there are gamers that leak videos and images of upcoming game content. There’s no option to save or download the content, which is where the Chrome extension Video Downloader for Reddit – Redditsave comes in handy.

With the extension active, you simply click on the Redditsave icon. A new tab will appear where you can indicate where you would like to save the video on your device.

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Best Chrome extensions for Reddit

Old Reddit Redirect

You can still visit the previous version of Reddit by visiting instead of the new site. It posts all the latest content, but it sticks to the previous layout that so many Redditors still prefer. Old Reddit Redirect is an extension for Chrome that opens any Reddit link you click on in the former design.

Of course, it only works if you have Chrome set as your default browser for opening links and you have Old Reddit Redirect installed. Even if it still opens in the new format, you can just click on the extension icon to redirect to the old one.

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Best Chrome extensions for Reddit


Redditp is a subreddit on the social platform that showcases images posted by Redditors. It’s like the Instagram of Reddit, letting users share their favorite moments for anyone to see and comment. If you’re not in the mood to insert the URL in your Chrome browser every time, you can install the Redditp extension.

When you click on the Redditp icon, Reddit opens up on the page with all the latest forum updates. There are no other features, but it does come in handy if you visit that section a lot.

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Best Chrome extensions for Reddit

Reddit DownVoter

This Chrome extension is for the more sadistic Redditors who are having a bad day. Instead of going into each thread and post to click on the down icon, Reddit Downvoter does it for you on all posts on the page. It saves you time when you want to go on a rampage and be negative about everyone’s thoughts.

While we don’t encourage downvoting for the sake of it, there are many Redditors that don’t have this issue. Just click on the icon and watch the downvotes appear.

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Best Chrome extensions for Reddit

Dark Theme for Reddit

Chrome has a Light to Dark Mode option built-in, plus there are many Dark Mode extensions for Chrome you can explore. However, it turns every page and site you visit into a darker theme, which is not ideal if you only want to use it on Reddit. For this purpose, it would be better to install Dark Theme for Reddit.

Once enabled, you’ll see new dark themes and panels on Reddit only. There aren’t any other features; all you can do is switch it on or off as you please.

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Best Chrome extensions for Reddit

Reddit Scroller

Are you eating breakfast or knitting your latest jersey, so you don’t have free hands to scroll through Reddit posts? Reddit Scroller is an extension for Chrome that scrolls to the next post for you. There’s a timer you can set to let the extension know by when it should move to the next one.

It won’t work on any other site, and you’ll see a small message appear if you’re not on Reddit letting you know it’s not active or doesn’t work on that page. Fortunately, the developer designed it to work on the newer Reddit platform.

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Best Chrome extensions for Reddit

DogeCoin Reddit Helper

Redditors that are interested in dealing with the DogeCoin cryptocurrency usually post to /r/DogeMarket. The problem is that there are so many scammers looking to steal your funds or waller details. After you install DogeCoin Reddit Helper as a Chrome extension, it will help you identify valuable transactions and blacklisted members.

As an extra benefit, the extension will highlight which emails or Skype details are involved in scams on Reddit. It’s incredibly helpful if you’re new to the platform or DogeCoin currency.

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Best Chrome extensions for Reddit

Recap Reddit

Here’s an impressive Chrome extension that adds visual value to the Reddit platform. Recap Reddit adds a video panel to the right of the discussion where you can see the main post and popular comments in a graphical manner. While watching it, you’ll also hear audio reading the text or soft music in the background.

The extension only works when you want it to, so you won’t have random videos appearing. Once you’re ready to automatically create a video on the topic, you can click on Recap Reddit

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Best Chrome extensions for Reddit

Reddit Filter

When Reddit feeds grow into massive threads and out of control, you might only want to see select subreddits that interest you. The Reddit Filter for Chrome lets you set various criteria for what should appear for you on the feed. You can also change settings for specific subreddits if you don’t want to alter all of them.

This Chrome extension is ideal for Reddit monitors and moderators who work on specific subreddits. You won’t have to see all the other threads pile up on your screen, saving you time and energy.

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Best Chrome extensions for Reddit

Un-Delete Reddit Comments

Debates and arguments can become heated on Reddit, to the point where nasty things are said or confessions are made that you can then use against the commenter. However, Redditors have the power to delete their comments, which means you have no proof of what they posted. Un-Delete Reddit Comments lets you save a cache of the discussion in Chrome’s memory banks so you can retrieve it later if needed.

Basically, it’s like taking a screenshot of the discussion, but in the original Reddit text form. Just remember that someone else can also use this extension against you.

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Best Chrome extensions for Reddit

Reddit All Comments Viewer Secure

Reddit usually shows you the top comments of the day or for a thread, depending on your preference. After you enable the Reddit All Comments Viewer Secure extension on Chrome, you’ll see a new button appear that says “Load all comments”. You’ll be able to securely view all the latest comments made without anyone tracking your activity.

The extension is helpful when you want a quick glance at the comments without working through various subreddits. It’s useful for news journalists like ourselves who are hunting for the latest game leaks and rumors.

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Best Chrome extensions for Reddit

Block Reddit

You can quickly lose track of time when reading posts on Reddit. It’s not productive if you’re using it at work during a lunch break, forgetting to get back to work when an article caught your attention for more than an hour. Block Reddit sends you a reminder after a set time to get off the platform. 

There’s also a pear icon that lets you lock Reddit for the rest of the day, not allowing you back on. You can also set goals for yourself if you’re on the platform for work purposes.

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