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Best chrome extensions for tab management

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There’s a reason Google Chrome is the world’s most popular internet browser. Using it ensures you can do anything you need to efficiently. Among its best features is managing and organizing tabs, and there are many apps that offer specific ways to do so.

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Using these top Chrome extensions for tab management will help increase focus and improve productivity. You’ll know where everything is, and you can organize them in different ways.

Best chrome extensions for tab management

Top tab management extensions for Chrome

Tab Manager Plus for Chrome

Considered by some to be the best tab manager out there, Tab Manager Plus for Chrome allows you to create new tabs and windows. You can also find open tabs quickly, find duplicates and limit the number of tabs per window that you can see at once.

This is a helpful app to keep tabs organized by filtering, moving and re-arranging them, and switching between them with the main focus on speed. It also supports incognito mode if you decide that you want to enable it.

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Best chrome extensions for tab management

Tab Manager: Productivity & Tab Management

Tab Management is a collection of tools that enhance your web browsing experience. It has many outstanding features. Among them are: 

  • Tab Terminator that automatically closes unused tabs;
  • Auto-Lock that prevents tabs from being closed accidentally;
  • Manual Lock or Unlock that allows you to lock and unlock tabs yourself;
  • Pin Lock that secures your tabs with a 4-digit pin to secure them;
  • Web Browser Pin lock, that secures your browser from unwanted usage;
  • Lock on your URL list to prevent unwanted closure of those tabs.   
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Best chrome extensions for tab management

Tab Manager

This extension organizes tabs from your toolbar pop-up. You can also open the UI for the extension in a standalone pop-up window or a new tab. Tab Manager supports multi-window and incognito mode. 

To use this add-on, open the UI and manage your tabs. You’ll see a search bar and a list of open tabs. There are two buttons on the right for editing or removing the current item. In the UI, you can drag all tab items. Once you drag one, it will re-positioned the tab.

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Best chrome extensions for tab management

Tab Organizer

The Tab Organizer is an app that allows you to find and organize all your tabs quickly. It makes it easy to find and manage all your tabs. Just click on the icon at the top right to open a pop-up that lists all your windows and tabs. 

Then you can choose and close tabs. You can drag tabs in the window or move them to another window. Power users can make tedious tasks like moving or closing tabs much easier by using macros.

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Cluster – Window and Tab Manager

Cluster helps you manage multiple open tabs and windows using very few system resources. It also has tools to navigate windows and tabs quickly and a tab project manager to save windows and tabs as working projects you can return to.

You can undo tabs or windows you have removed, launch the manager using a keyboard shortcut, easily move tabs between windows, etc. Cluster is fast and simple to use. 

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Best chrome extensions for tab management

Manage My Tabs – Tab Manager

Manage My Tabs gives you a simple way to manage tabs. It groups tabs by website name that you can search for and customize. It lists tabs and tab groups numerically or alphabetically. You can close tabs individually or by group and easily navigate to tabs.

It updates when tabs are opened or closed. In your settings, you can alter the number of columns, get tabs from all windows, and search for tabs by website name.

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Best chrome extensions for tab management


Tabli is an easy-to-use but powerful tab manager. It provides quick switching between windows and tabs and allows you to save and restore them. Tabli runs as an extension in Google Chrome. It does not send any data to any extension, cloud service or external application.

Tabli makes it easy to see open windows and tabs and switch between them. Saved tabs in Tabli are similar to bookmarks. But they’re easier to organize, find, and maintain. The add-on is free.

Best chrome extensions for tab management

ProTABS – The Tab Manager for Pros

ProTABS is an intelligent tab manager that’s especially useful when you’re dealing with large numbers of tabs. It will allow you to browse and work much more efficiently. It enables many powerful workflows such as:

Pinning your frequently used tabs (like email!) so you can see notifications at a glance. Creating groups from tabs and windows and arranging them by topic.  Saving tabs or groups of tabs so that you can find them later.

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Best chrome extensions for tab management

New Tab

This extension replaces Chrome’s New Tab page with a minimalist version that shows a blank white page and an imitation of the Bookmarks Bar. Bookmarks are the most important things in your browser apart from passwords. View them on your New Tab page instead of searching for them in the super small bookmark bar.

The page increases your productivity and customizes your browser. You can customize your name displayed on the page, change your background and add or delete files.

Best chrome extensions for tab management

Close all Tabs

The Close all Tabs extension adds an option to your Chrome browser that closes all the open tabs in the active window. It allows you to close all open tabs, including pinned tabs and incognito tabs, using the toolbar button, keyboard command (alt + w) or the context menu options.

You can change the default setting for the toolbar button and open a particular URL after closing all the tabs.

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Best chrome extensions for tab management

Mute Tab

Google Chrome 71 removed the option to enable audio muting per tab. The Mute Tab extension helps you quickly mute all tabs with just one button. Or you can do it by using the extension icon.

The toolbar button behaves like an ON|OFF switch. If you press it, the icon will change color and shape. If you want to unmute a single tab, right-click on a tab and click Unmute Tab. Please visit the options page if you want to mute all the tabs except the active one. 

Best chrome extensions for tab management

Tab Auto Refresh

Tab Auto Refresh is a Chrome browser extension that helps you reload (refresh) the tabs of your choice. To use it, you have to open the toolbar pop-up UI while visiting a website. There you set a time interval in seconds (like 100 sec). The tab will reload at the time interval you have set.

To stop the reload, press the stop button on the top left of your toolbar pop-up UI. Or you can press reset (top right, which will clear the reloading task for all tabs.

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Best chrome extensions for tab management

Divider Tabs

Divider Tabs is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to manage a lot of tabs by using what is modelled on a 3-ring binder: To work it, you click the Divider Tabs icon next to the address bar to insert a named, color-coded Divider Tab to separate groups of related tabs.

The extension contains an index of all the tabs in that group. You click the colored chip on a Divider Tab to close all tabs in the group. And you click again to restore them.

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Home – New Tab Page

This Google Chrome extension replaces your New Tab page with a customized dashboard. You will love this page! Your beautiful new Home will show notifications, badges, closed tabs, notes, a calendar and favorite sites, weather and more.

You can make it personal and get inspired with improved speed and the ability to hide elements you don’t want to see. It has a beautiful built-in background gallery that you can customize.

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Best chrome extensions for tab management

Auto Tab Discard

Auto Tab Discard is a lightweight Chrome browser addition that reduces the memory load of inactive but open tabs. This also helps to save battery life on portable devices.

It speeds up your browser and allows you to discard tabs you no longer need. The extension lets you list tabs you don’t want to discard. You can also reinstate discarded tabs with all their information remaining. This information can include the scroll position or content of the text in the tab.

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Best chrome extensions for tab management
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