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Best 10 coupon Chrome extensions

Best 10 coupon Chrome extensions
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Coupons help shoppers save money and businesses advertise their products, gain new customers, and increase revenues. They’re especially popular right now with prices increasing and many people trying to save money in a less robust economy. You can also receive discounts when browsing online stores on Chrome.

This guide tells you how to get coupons as Chrome extensions when you shop online and use them on those sites or retailers like Walmart, Target, WinCo, Food 4 Less, and more.

Why get and use coupons on Chrome?

Here is a list of the best Chrome extensions to get shopping coupons to use either online or at stores countrywide. If you’re a shopper, you can save thousands of dollars over time by using coupons. Suppose you’re a retailer prepared to allocate a certain amount of money to attract new customers. In that case, coupons can be a more effective and less expensive way to do so than advertising.

Coupert – Automatic Coupon Finder & Cashback

Coupert is an automatic coupon finder that gives you the best cashback rate for thousands of online stores, including top retailers like Walmart,, Macy’s, Forever 21, eBay, and Finish Line. 

Using it means you won’t have to search for coupon codes because it does the work for you. It easily finds the best promo codes online and automatically applies them to your purchase at checkout, which is why a million people use it! The Coupert Chrome extension uses Google Analytics. You can opt-out by going to

Best 10 coupon Chrome extensions

Cently (Coupons at Checkout)

Formerly called Coupons at Checkout, Cently will automatically apply coupon codes for you every time you shop online. Whenever it finds an empty Coupon Code box at an e-commerce store, it searches the web, finds all that retailer’s latest coupon codes, and applies the best one! It’s featured on Mashable, LifeHacker, VentureBeat, and CNET’s best money-saving tips! 

You can earn cashback and rewards at your favorite retailers across the web using the latest version! It’s a free Chrome add-on that supports thousands of stores in several countries.

Best 10 coupon Chrome extensions

FatCoupon Cash Back & Promo Codes

With FatCoupon, you can earn cashback at more than 5 000 stores on Chrome. They have a full-time team testing codes to make sure they work. You just add it to chrome, and it automatically applies the best coupons when you shop online. It even creates price and in-stock alerts for Walmart, Amazon, and Best Buy. 

You can get extra savings at holiday sales like Black Friday, Memorial Day, Cyber Monday, Labor Day, etc.! FatCoupon works very fast. It won’t slow down your web browser like other coupon extensions.

FatCoupon Cash Back & Promo Codes DOWNLOAD
Best 10 coupon Chrome extensions

Moolah – Automatic Coupon Hunter

The Moolah engineering team calls themselves a bunch of geeks who are passionate about helping people save money. After installing the Moolah free Chrome extension, it will test coupon codes and apply the best one or even two stacked if the shopping site you’re visiting permits it. 

It does all this automatically, so you don’t have to. Moolah browses the whole internet with artificial intelligence, so it won’t miss any codes that can save you the most money and add them to your shopping cart.

Best 10 coupon Chrome extensions

Juice – Amazon Coupons Finder

This free Chrome extension is designed to find products that offer discounts on Amazon as easily as possible. Juice is a great option for Amazon buyers. Based on your searches, it will show you all the discounts available. 

You’ll find discounts only on what you’re looking for and not random products you might not be interested in. It allows you to sort results by discount, price, reviews, and rating. Install juice to help you find the best and most appropriate discounts on Amazon.

Juice - Amazon Coupons Finder DOWNLOAD
Best 10 coupon Chrome extensions


CouponsHelper retrieves coupons while you’re busy browsing shopping sites. It helps you save money right away. Visit one of the thousands of online merchants it supports and gets coupons right in your Chrome browser. You’ll know it has found some when its pink piggy flashes! 

It supports a large number of notifications to inform you when there are coupon codes on any shopping site that you’re visiting at any moment. CouponsHelper finds coupons you can use, so you’ll never miss the best deals for you.

CouponsHelper DOWNLOAD
Best 10 coupon Chrome extensions

Harbor Freight Coupons

Harbor Freight specializes in selling high-quality tools at the lowest possible prices. To help you save even more money, they automatically find and display Harbor Freight coupons on their website from the database for the best coupons on Chrome. 

The coupons are displayed by item number next to the retail price while you browse Harbor Freight’s website. Using these coupons means you need never pay the full listed price for these excellent products again.

Harbor Freight Coupons DOWNLOAD
Best 10 coupon Chrome extensions

Sendoso for Chrome

Sendoso is a free Chrome Extension that allows users to measure the effects their business efforts are having from Salesforce, Outreach, Amazon, and SalesLoft. It offers new and innovative e-commerce solutions to help companies drive and improve their revenues. 

Sendoso assists companies with scaling their marketing programs and connecting with their customers. As a result, it gives businesses the ability to increase their revenue by improving their whole customer experience from the start of the engagement to the final transaction.

Best 10 coupon Chrome extensions

The Coupons App®

The Coupons App free Chrome extension finds coupons for you. It automatically applies promos when you shop online. One click will find the biggest savings and apply them to your shopping cart. It could not be easier. You can use the app on your phone like millions of people have done since 2008. 

You can also use it on your desktop computer and start saving. Taste a really sweet shopping experience that will really help you get the best deals on anything you want to buy anywhere online.

The Coupons App® DOWNLOAD
Best 10 coupon Chrome extensions

Coupon Cat for Chrome

Pon is a cute coupon cat that will help you find coupon codes on Chrome on whatever web page you are shopping on. You won’t have to look endlessly through different search engines or other websites. Pon will know exactly which pages have the best coupon codes and bring them to you in seconds. 

Pon will also apply your coupons to ensure you get maximum savings on whatever you buy. Just look out for the magical rainbow button when Pon is ready to go to work for your best savings!

Best 10 coupon Chrome extensions

Get your discounts on Chrome!

If you’re a discount hunter, you now have several of the best coupon extensions on Chrome you can use to your benefit. Remember to check out all the deals before you engage with them, as there may be some stipulations you need to be aware of first.

If you enjoy using add-ons on your browser, be sure to check out the best VPNs for Chrome.

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