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Best database solutions for PCs

Cyril Roger


MySQLI admit it, databases aren’t the most thrilling topic to talk about, especially on a Monday morning. Yet if you work in a technical field and have to manage sets of data, creating a solid and logical database can really simplify things for your organization. We’ve got a list of 10 different applications which should greatly help you out when working with databases, mostly in MySQL. Take a close look at these to find the one that suits you most.

  • FileAmigo LE – No coding knowledge required here, thanks to a wide range of templates and records.
  • SQLyog – A compact and fast graphical tool for managing MySQL databases.
  • phpMyAdmin – Handle your MySQL database on the web via this tool written in PHP.
  • Navicat – Easily generate reports and import or export data in this effective MySQL database manager.
  • CASE Studio – Visually create and manage ER diagrams of numerous databases.
  • FileMaker – The ultimate database manager both for Oracle and MySQL.
  • Dataceptor – Create web access to your database without any programming knowledge.
  • EMS MySQL Manager for Windows – A powerful solution to manage your multiple MySQL databases.
  • OpenBase SQL – High speed access to structured data thanks to this server app.
  • Backup Watcher for MySQL – Schedule regular backups of your MySQL database.

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