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8 Best fun Chrome extensions

Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

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There are two ways you can experience websites and tabs on your Chrome browser. The first is in a dull manner, while the second is having some fun while you’re surfing the internet. Fortunately, there are plenty of fun Chrome extensions available if you know where to look. 

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Trust us, we’re all for fun and games, and we encourage a bit of downtime when the day gets a bit strenuous. Take our advice and look at these top 8 fun Chrome extensions.

8 Best fun Chrome extensions

Fun Cursors

When you’re tired of seeing the standard hand cursor when scrolling on Chrome, there’s the Fun Cursors extension to bring new life to the online experience.  It contains a large library of cute cursors, such as Christmas themes, adorable characters, hearts, and more. Once you select one, it will become your new cursor on various sites.

Of course, it only works on Chromium browsers where you’ve installed the extension. Don’t expect it to work on your standard desktop or file manager. 

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Best fun Chrome extensions

Peoples Gamez Gift Exchange

Many browser games offer free bonuses, such as extra coins or items for your avatars. While you can wait for your generous friends to send you gifts, installing Peoples Gamez Gift Exchange is another option. When you click on the Chrome extension, it opens a page with all the latest rewards and deals.

Selecting one of the gifts will either take you to Facebook or another platform related to the game. However, you’ll need to pay close attention to what information is shared with the game, as it may include your list of contacts or email addresses.

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Best fun Chrome extensions

9GAG Mini

9GAG is a community platform like Facebook and Instagram that presents feeds filled with memes and posts that will make you laugh. Since social platforms are banned from most workspaces, you won’t be able to keep the tab open on your Chrome browser. The 9GAG Mini extension provides a solution in that you can quickly open a small window for a giggle.

Selecting the icon unleashes a small list of the hottest memes from the 9GAG site. When you hear your boss is coming, you can quickly close it and continue with your project or research. Shhh…you didn’t hear that from us.

Best fun Chrome extensions

Funny Anime Wallpapers New Tab

I love anime games and TV shows, although it’s mostly limited to DragonballZ and Genshin Impact. To liven up the default background of Chrome, you can install Funny Anime Wallpapers New Tab. The extension will randomize which images appear, bringing a smile to your face when you see the antics on the screens. 

The Chrome extension also adds other features, such as presenting the weather and shortcuts to your top websites. The one tool I enjoy is the countdown timer, letting me know how much time I have left to write this article.

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Best fun Chrome extensions

Meme HD Wallpapers New Tab

Here’s another Chrome extension that changes the default new tab screen that appears when you open a tab. There are several memes and wallpapers you can add to your library, and Meme HD Wallpapers New Tab randomizes how they appear every time to surprise you. You can also bookmark your favorite pages so you have instant links to them on new tabs.

The extension synchronizes with your local time, so you’ll have the latest weather for each page. When you click on the joystick icon, it will redirect you to a few free games.

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Best fun Chrome extensions

Fun Cursors – Lite

If the original Fun Cursors we mentioned before is too heavy for your Chrome browser, try Fun Cursors – Lite. It’s the same system with some of the cursor icons, but it won’t put any strain o your system. You should be able to use them on any sites, even ones that are struggling to load.

Just make sure that you only use it on a Chrome browser, as it’s designed for optimal performance on the tabs. If the new cursor disappears, you simply activate it again.

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Best fun Chrome extensions

Happy Fun Rider Wheels

Here’s a browser game that’s a little more challenging than it first appears. You have a character driving a motorized scooter across dangerous platforms, and you need to keep him alive for as long as possible. Happy Fun Rider Wheels is a fun 2D platform game for Chrome that you can play during your breaks, but try not to die too much.

The primary controls are jumping over obstacles, as the game moves your character forward. You’ll also see height indicators letting you know how high you should jump, despite the fact that they rarely help.

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Best fun Chrome extensions

Funny Games

Why play boring, normal games when you can install Funny Games as an extension for Chrome instead? You’ll laugh your way to victory with the large selection, and many of them are addictive and entertaining. You can even play some romantic games and head off on a date at a fancy restaurant.

The best part is that you’ll play these games on your browser, so you don’t need to worry about downloading any files. It’s handy when you’re working on a company device and you’re not allowed to save games.

Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

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