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10 of the Best Google Slides Themes for 2022

10 of the Best Google Slides Themes for 2022
Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

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Presentations deliver content in a visual way so that the audience can better understand the data. It’s one thing to place all the relevant information on slides and read them out to everyone, making them fall asleep. Another approach is using one of the best Google Slides themes to make the colors and details pop, making them more interested in your products or services.

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Here are our top choices for Google Slides themes and templates. It’s best to see which ones will work best for your presentation to prevent spending too much time making alterations. Also, you can mix and match some elements to make your own theme.

What’s the difference between Google Slides themes and templates?

We made a separate guide for the top Google Slide templates. If you’ve seen that article, you may be wondering what the difference is between templates and themes. When it comes to templates, they provide layouts that focus on the actual content and how you portray them to the audience.

Google Slides themes are primarily aesthetic, meaning they concentrate on colors, patterns, shapes, and anything else that makes the presentation stand out from normal, bland ones. There are also specific themes that cater to specific industries, such as panels for photographic displays.

Where can you obtain Google Slides themes?

While Google Slides provides free templates when you enter the app, it doesn’t generally supply themes. You may find Chrome extensions that assist in this regard, but not all of them are reliable. That means you’re actually only left with one way to obtain themes for your presentations.

That’s right; you’ll need to hunt online for them. While some content creators do it free of charge, others require you to subscribe monthly to access as many of them as you want. The good part is that, once you have the templates you need, you won’t need to stay subscribed. You’ll also find theme providers that ask for a once-off fee. We recommend you ask anyone in the community if they have free versions before you pay for anything.

Top 10 Google Slides themes

Teamwork Illustrations

Do you need to present slides on your company’s team members for a proposal or business plan? The Teamwork Illustrations Google Slides theme is free, and you can copy it straight from the directory. It has several icons and images related to the workplace, and you’ll have interesting transitions between slides you can adjust.

Best Google Slides Themes

Dark Theme with Dynamic Lines

Working with reports, agendas, minutes, or financial data can be dull, especially for the presentation’s audience. The Dark Theme with Dynamic Lines theme for Google Slides adds darker tones with a minimalistic design. There are soft geometric shapes in the background that will help the viewers engage more with the content. You’ll also find large, bold text for items that need to stand out from the rest.

Best Google Slides Themes

Colorful and Modern

If you want to pitch an idea to management or another company, you’ll want the colors and layout to pop. This colorful, modern Google Slides template might start with a dark background, but you’ll find plenty of bright hues on the other slides. It also includes other design elements, such as tables, images, and maps.

Best Google Slides Themes

Going with Circles

Perhaps you need to keep your presentation professional without all the splash colors or dark tones. This Google Slides template has circular lines with black and white shades for all the slides. The circles let you highlight important products or images, or you can separate one section of text from the others. Use your creative mind and go wild!

Best Google Slides Themes

Photographic Backgrounds

Not all presentations focus on text alone. You may need a visual gallery to bring your point across or for a pitch. If you’re working with facilities or construction projects, it’s helpful to add some photos of the actual sites or buildings, as an example. This Google Sheets theme lets you quickly add photographic backgrounds and foreground panels with text.

Best Google Slides Themes

Dark 3D Presentations

3D themes for Google Slides lets you completely alter the appearance of standard slides. You can add 3D objects for so many purposes, such as graphs, marketing strategies, financial bars, and more. There are many layouts available in this theme, and you can customize each one to meet your needs. Even if you copy over a piechart from Google Sheets, it’s easy to convert it to a 3D image.

Best Google Slides Themes

FotoGramly Photography Profile

Anyone that works with photography will love this FotoGramly theme. You can choose from several photographic panel layouts for the images, while you can superimpose one over the other as foreground over background. You’ll receive both Light and Dark Mode versions so you don’t have to waste time converting them. It’s ideal for content creators who want to showcase their work or products.

Best Google Slides Themes

eSports Gaming

Are you an eSports team that wants to appeal to sponsors for funding? Perhaps you just want to increase your followers? This eSports Gaming Google Slides template adds lovely gaming colors that will draw your audience’s attention, with elegant headers and text panels. You can also include stats in geometric panels to impress the readers.

Best Google Slides Themes

Twitch and Play

If you have a website about games or you’re a game streamer, you may want to check out the Twitch and Play Google Slides template. It has bright neon colors to catch everyone’s attention while also organizing your content in a professional way. Showcase your team members in a fun manner, and you can also place an elaborate table of contents.

Best Google Slides Themes

Desktop Organizer Chalkboard

Our final Google Slides theme is for the educational sector or anyone else that needs to organize content and plans for the year. The Desktop Organizer Chalkboard presents charcoal backgrounds with text that looks like white chalk. Most of the panels have the monthly dates set out on one side, while there are panels for different categories.

Teachers can use these presentations to show students what they can expect for the month ahead. They can add topic discussions or assignments, and you can add fun images to the side that represents the season or subject matter.

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