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Best highlighted Chrome extensions for productivity and accessibility

Best highlighted Chrome extensions for productivity and accessibility
Russell Kidson

Russell Kidson

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Extensions are an incredible part of the modern Google Chrome ecosystem. There’s an extension for nearly every web-based purpose, and almost anything you do on the internet can be made easier with an extension. We’ve covered numerous types of extensions in the past, from extensions that turn Google into a Dark Mode dream to extensions that save you money.

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Today, however, we’re giving you the best Chrome extensions that can save you time and effort. The extensions below primarily center around keeping you more productive, but there are one or two that achieve the opposite objective – just to strike a little bit of a balance between work and goofing off. 

The 11 best productivity and accessibility-focused extensions for Chrome

Accessibility Insights for Web

We start off with an extension dedicated to helping developers find and fix accessibility issues faster. Accessibility Insights for Web is an extension created by Accessibility Insights that gives developers more control over the websites they’re working on. This utility uses the latest accessibility tools to quickly identify issues with websites and then implement fixes in a more timely manner than would usually be possible.

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Once you’ve got the extension installed, all you need to do to get it to work is hit Ctrl+Shift+K. Even though this tool is aimed at developers, anyone with a decent knowledge of website creation should be able to use it without much trouble. 

Best highlighted Chrome extensions

IBM Equal Access Accessibility Checker

This is the perfect extension for developers and auditors who need to check website accessibility issues. IBM Equal Access Accessibility Checker runs on IBM’s accessibility rule engine and can detect issues pertaining to accessibility within browser web pages and internet-based applications. 

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This tool, created by IBM Accessibility integrates with existing tools essential for browser development to give you a holistic approach to identifying website issues and incompatibilities and implementing various fixes to repair them. 

Best highlighted Chrome extensions

Enable Accessibility Toolbar

This is one of the most wholesome extensions I’ve ever come across. Created out of a pure desire to help those with physical disabilities, this extension seeks to provide individuals with all the tools they’d need to browse the web to their heart’s content – no matter their disability. Enable Accessibility Toolbar is an extension for Google Chrome that features a host of advanced and enhanced web browsing capabilities to make browsing the internet as easy and stress-free as possible. 

This plugin is perfect for streamlining your browsing experience and lets you set certain site settings that match your individual browsing needs. This utility is free to download and use and has already helped 1.6 million individuals browse the web according to their needs. 

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Best highlighted Chrome extensions

BlockSite: Block Websites & Stay Focused

We live in the prime age for distraction from what we need to get done. If you need help staying away from certain websites and internet content, look no further than BlockSite. With this extension for Google Chrome, you can block websites that serve as a permanent distraction for you and stay focused on the task at hand. 

BlockSite has a built-in feature that lets you block all known adult content with one click. You can also use this tool to set schedules for yourself to better keep yourself more productive. You can also activate focus mode which lets you choose a window within which to block content from distracting sites so that you can stay focused. 

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Best highlighted Chrome extensions

Block Site

Website blockers are all the rage right now. With this Block Site alternative from rynu.smith, block unwanted and distracting domains and prevent access to certain websites to boost your productivity. You can also choose to redirect blocked websites to other domains. What sets this extension apart is that it also has built-in security features that can prevent ads and protect you against data leakage to blocked websites. 

As a fun quirk, you can set a custom message to display when you try to access blocked domains. The blocking feature employed by Block Site functions on a time and date-dependent basis, which means you choose when to allow access to content. 

Best highlighted Chrome extensions

Site Blocker

You’ve heard the story before, unfortunately, you’re going to hear it again. Site Blocker is yet another website blocking extension for Google Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers. Block access to unwanted or restricted content with this easy-to-use tool. Simply download Site Blocker from our website and set up your focused internet ecosystem in a matter of minutes.

With this tool, you’ll be able to choose when to allow access to whichever websites you’ve blocked. Even though this extension has a productivity angle embedded into the reason for its creation, it also functions as a security utility, blocking harmful websites from gaining access to your data. 

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Best highlighted Chrome extensions

Block Site

This is the last website blocking utility on this list. I promise. As if you weren’t already spoiled for choice when it comes to ways to block access to websites that may distract you from what’s important, here’s another alternative; Blocking Website. This extension does exactly what the name implies; it acts as a block between you and administrator-selected websites. This way, you can keep yourself and your subordinates focused on the bottom line. 

Take control of your productivity with this nifty tool and unlock your true potential. You’d be surprised how much you can get done in a day when you aren’t surfing social media or watching videos on YouTube every couple of minutes. 

Best highlighted Chrome extensions

History Blocker by Site

This is a rather nifty tool if you’d prefer certain websites and search items not make it into your history. Yes, you can always clear your history after a search, but with an extension like History Blocker by Site, you don’t have to clear your history again ever again. 

This utility blacklists chosen website URLs and prevents them from ever entering your search history. It’ll be as if you never initiated those searches in the first place. I can’t think of any ethical reasons why this extension would exist, but If you need it, you can download it directly from our website

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Best highlighted Chrome extensions

Productivity Owl

The Productivity Owl is a virtual creature that you’re either going to love or absolutely despise. This Google Chrome extension by Productive Mark LLC is designed to boost your productivity by limiting your reading time. Essentially, the extension gives you a short window of time within which to keep websites open, and then automatically closes them for you. 

You can organize various websites into three categories; blocked, allowed, and countdown. Blocked websites are inaccessible – this is a good option for websites that you tend to get distracted by. Allowed websites feature unlimited access, and countdown websites offer you a timed window within which you can access them. 

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Best highlighted Chrome extensions

Decreased Productivity

Decreased Productivity is a rather strange entry, but one that has its uses. This extension changes the way web pages look so that you can browse in peace. Essentially, this is a tool for accessing content restricted by your organization without anyone being able to tell what you’re doing. You have full control over how the webpages display and you can go as far as to have them display in the classic black background and green text configuration popular in early 90s pop culture. 

No more looking over your shoulder when looking at images or browsing social media while you should be working. Decreased Productivity obscures any website so that no one can see, without a closer look at the text, what you’re up to. 

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Best highlighted Chrome extensions

ProductivityTab – Custom New Tab Dashboard

Productivity Tab is an extension for Google Chrome that turns your New Tab into a personal productivity dashboard. Customize your productivity tab with a choice of over 50 widgets and incredible background images. Use this tool to stay on top of the latest developments on Twitter, Facebook, news outlets, or any other web widget of your choice, or turn your new tab into a productivity hub with powerful tools and analytics. 

This tool is available for all devices running Google Chrome as well as other Chromium-based browsers like Microsoft Edge and Brave. Whether you need a comprehensive overview of all the latest developments, or an enhanced toolbar and control panel for your browsing, this is an incredible extension to have on hand.

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