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If you’re going to spend over $1,000 for a computer, you might as well load it up.

Mac with apps

Newer MacBooks come equipped with an out-of-the-box app stack that should have you covered. 

Sure, TextEdit won’t meet your word-processing needs, but Apple News, Notes, Tasks, and more all come preloaded in your dashboard. However, it’s easy to forget that there’s a lot you can do to sweeten your setup. 

The macOS library hosts a whole lot of gems, from the tools that help you focus to those that lend a helping hand in the kitchen.

MacOS Apps to supercharge your desktop


alfred app mac os desktop

Alfred is a shortcuts app that lets you use quick keyboard commands to launch your apps, locate files, or surf the web. Use the desktop app to create your own extensions or use creations shared by the community of Alfred users.

We’ll offer a word of warning — Alfred is not an easy tool for beginners. It also isn’t for everyone. For those who thrive on shaving seconds off of tedious busywork, the upfront investment will pay off in spades. You can build workflows that automate manual tasks, control your music, link up with 1Password, and search for emails through the tool.

Alfred Download Free


If you really want to make your computer run faster, we would recommend MacPaw. Don’t be fooled by the name, MacPaw products are available for both Mac and PC. 


amphetamine mac app

If you’re sick of adjusting the Energy Saver to keep your Mac from sleeping, Amphetamine steps in to keep your laptop awake. Install the app— and access by right-clicking the menu bar icon to turn it on. Once activated, Amphetamine keeps your Mac awake until you turn it off. 

That’s not all, though. Amphetamine settings can be updated so that it keeps your Mac awake during specific tasks or when it’s connected to a certain Wi-Fi network.

Amphetamine Download Free ►

Bear Notes

bear notes app

Bear Notes isn’t just another Notes app. We know, the App Store is loaded with all kinds of tools that promise to help you keep track of everything. But, if you’re naturally disorganized, even the best-designed apps can devolve into another digital trash heap. 

Bear Notes is something of an upgrade from the Notes app that comes standard with your Mac. It adds word count, read-time, paragraph count and other stats. You’ll have the option to export your notes in seven different ways including Markdown. It’s ready for WordPress, Medium, or wherever your content’s final destination happens to be.

Bear Notes Download Free ►

Paprika 3

Paprika app

If you’re into cooking but prefer digital recipes to cookbooks, Paprika 3 is the app for you.

It costs $30 in the App Store, which seems like a lot for a tool that doesn’t promise to make you more productive or professionally edit your media. However, Paprika actually proves its worth pretty quickly.

You can download any recipe you find online and the app formats it in a way that is easy to read and easy to find. You can also create meal plans that sync up to the recipes you collect and keep track of your ingredients.

Paprika 3 Download Free ►


slack desktop app mac

The reason we include Slack isn’t because we love the tool so much. Rather, the app is something of a revelation for those who have been using the iOS version or chatting within the web browser. 

If you love Slack or have to use it for work, download the app. It’s free and easier to keep up with alerts from your desktop rather than trying to find the correct flashing tab in a sea of chatbots.


Franz All-in-One Messaging

Speaking of chat apps, Franz is a tool that promises to make life a little easier if you’re a social butterfly spread across several applications. The platform brings your accounts together — Slack, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and more. It brings everything together so you can respond from one place.

There’s no limit on how many accounts you can add. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re juggling multiple Facebooks or WhatsApps. 

Make it yours

Apple’s mission statement says that the Mac is the greatest personal computer in the world. Whether or not you believe Apple is up to you. However, if you’re going to spend $1,300 on a new computer that proclaims itself to be the best, you better customize it to have exactly what you want.

Try a VPN!

If you’re looking for a decent VPN service to try out on your computer, we would recommend Express VPN. By clicking this link, you can get 15 months of Express VPN for the price of 12!

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