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Best online tools for helping you move

moving into a new home

Moving can be really stressful. It often requires intense planning that can be overwhelming, even for the most skilled planners. But times are changing, and with new advancements every day, moving has become much simpler than it used to be. All that stress can be taken away by that little device you carry every single day. Here are the best online tools to help me you move, stress-free.

Best apps and websites to help you move


This app is particularly useful when moving to a new neighborhood. It’s a social media app that groups you together with your neighbors. This makes it easy to contact them and get to know them a little better. It can also be useful for asking for help if you haven’t received your neighbor’s numbers yet.

Nextdoor Free Download


With a simple picture, you can redesign your entire living space. This app helps you plan out your interior design ideas without actually needing to move stuff around yourself, which can really help cut down on the heavy lifting. You can digitally move furniture however you want within the app. You never have to worry about needing to move something a second time because you didn’t like where it was after the initial move.

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An excellent app for getting rid of old furniture, or looking for something new, OfferUp provides a community for anyone looking to sell their old possessions. If you’re trying to find a couch for your new home, or trying to sell your old one, you’ll have tons of people to help you do just that.


Alternatively, Facebook Marketplace can be a good option for finding cheap or free furniture, or getting rid of your own. Since Facebook has such a large community, things can often be sold on the same day they are posted.


Despite being primarily made for businesses, Sortly can be perfect for helping you move. Sortly keeps track of all your possessions so nothing gets lost in the move. It can also make unpacking much easier. It organizes your belongings with pictures, and puts them into categories based on how you decide to pack them. This means you’ll know exactly what is in each box while you’re unpacking, and you’ll have a checklist to go through and make sure all your belongings have made it to their new home safely. 

Sortly inventory app for business home inventory Free Download ►


No more keys under the welcome mat! KeyMe’s app scans your keys to be reprinted at any KeyMe kiosk. This is great for moving into a new home, since it lets you avoid the hassle of getting extra copies of your key made. And if you ever get locked out of your home, you have an easy solution, so you never have to stress out if it happens.


An all-in-one website for any moving needs you might have. You can compare moving company rates, create a detailed inventory of your furniture, and find useful advice on how to properly keep your stuff while in storage. Anything you might need help with while moving can be found on this site.

Hopefull,y these apps can help your moving experience be less stressful than it normally would. Of course, these apps are dedicated to helping you through the actual moving process itself. If you’re still trying to find a new home, then you may want to check out our list of apps for helping you find one.

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