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12 Best Chrome extensions for Pinterest

Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

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Pinterest is an excellent platform for finding new ideas, sharing images with others, or promoting your brand to followers. While it’s easy to use, there are some Chrome extensions for Pinterest that enhance the functionality, making your life easier and work more productive


We have a detailed list of our recommended Chrome extensions for Pinterest. They have various applications for your personal and professional lives, so see which one will suit you best.

12 Best Chrome extensions for Pinterest

Pinterest Save Button

This Chrome extension is the official Pinterest add-on for the browser. Whenever you hover over an image on a site’s page, you’ll see the Pinterest Save Button appear. Clicking on it will let you save that picture to any of your Pinterest boards, or you can create a new one. It saves you loads of time from having to save it to your PC, find it later and then upload it.

From my experience, I find the new Pinterest icon in the extension tray more helpful. When you click it, it reveals all the images on the page for you to select as many as you want. You can then either save it to a board or create a new one for them. 

Pinterest Save Button DOWNLOAD
Best pinterest Chrome extensions

Pinterest Love: Pinterest Screenshot Saver++

Here’s a Pinterest Chrome extension that lets you quickly save a screenshot to one of your boards. It functions as both a screen capture tool and for saving to Pinterest. Once you’ve clicked on the extension icon and selected an area on a site’s page, it quickly records that section and sends it to your board.

If you don’t want your Pinterest link to appear as a Google search result, you can remove it with another built-in tool. There’s also an option to add annotations, which is ideal for sharing with your collaborators and adding notes.

Pinterest Love: Pinterest Screenshot Saver++ DOWNLOAD
Best pinterest Chrome extensions

Pincase-Pinterest Video & Image Downloader

You may be more interested in saving images, GIFs, and videos you see on Pinterest to your computer. When you install and enable Pincase-Pinterest Video & Image Downloader, your Chrome browser will automatically add a small download icon by the applicable content. You won’t need to find inventive ways to save them.

What makes this Chrome extension so fantastic and beneficial is that you can pin several images and videos for a batch download. It’s handy for when you need the content for your projects, but you don’t have time to sit and save each one individually.

Pincase - Pinterest Video & Image Downloader DOWNLOAD
Best pinterest Chrome extensions


The PinDown extension for Chrome also lets you batch download content but in a more exciting and innovative way. It adds a banner to the top of the page where you’ll indicate a sub-folder name for your saved content. As soon as you’re ready, it will download all the images and videos from the on-page gallery.

Another excellent feature is that it works on more than just Pinterest. Once installed, you can head to Tumblr, Instagram, Behance, or basically, any page that has several images stored on it.


Pinterest Sort Premium

Pinterest has a useful search bar you can use to find images related to a specific topic. The only issue is that there’s no sort function, which doesn’t help when you want to see the most voted ones first. Pinterest Sort Premium is a Chrome extension that does the sorting for you, saving you hours from searching for the most popular content yourself.

A further function is letting the Pinterest extension know how many pages you want it to browse before it stops. You can also click on the Stop icon if you don’t need any more results.

Pinterest Sort Premium DOWNLOAD
Best pinterest Chrome extensions

Shareaholic for Pinterest

Here’s another Pinterest Chrome extension that works similar to the official one in that you can save images from pages to your board. You’ll simply click on the image icons, choose which board you want to save them to, and then you’re done. However, there’s a neat extra feature for your own pins.

If someone pins your ideas to their boards, you’ll be able to see the pin count on the image. It’s useful for companies selling products or branded content that want to see how many people are sharing their images with others.

Shareaholic for Pinterest DOWNLOAD
Best pinterest Chrome extensions

Pinterest Enhanced

If you’re looking for a better version of the original Pinterest extension for Chrome, try Pinterest Enhanced. It behaves in the same way, but you’ll have a few extra functions available. For example, you can sort all images on a board to the same height size and panels, making them appear more orderly. Information for the pins will only appear when you hover over them.

Using these features makes it easier to properly give your attention to all the images and not just the ones that are huge and would usually stand out above the rest. If there are any long pins, just hold your cursor over them to reveal the complete image.

Pinterest Enhanced DOWNLOAD
Best pinterest Chrome extensions


As a father of two who homeschools, I understand the importance of finding relevant images or posters for school assignments so I can print them. The Printerest Chrome extension makes life easier by letting you pin as many ideas as you want and then send them to the printer. It saves time from saving and printing each one individually using the standard process.

You can also check the print queue or image number at the bottom of the printing panel, which alerts you to how many pages you’ll need to have ready in your printer.

Printerest DOWNLOAD

No Pinterest Results

This Chrome extension is for those who aren’t so fond of seeing Pinterest results for every search they perform. You usually find this happening when you’re looking for a quality image, but discover Pinterest pins instead. They also sometimes appear for normal searches but have nothing to do with your search objective.

No Pinterest Results resolves this issue by excluding Pinterest pins and posts from the search results. You can quickly toggle it on and off in the extension tray, so you won’t add much time to your day by using it. As a matter of fact, it may save you time by letting you find quality results quicker.

No Pinterest Results DOWNLOAD
Best pinterest Chrome extensions


Are you a marketing agent for a company and spend countless hours saving pins, editing the descriptions and links, and then sending them to boards, one after the other? Autopinner is ideal for saving time and increasing productivity, letting you bulk upload or save images while editing them all simultaneously. 

The bulk pins will appear on your Chrome browser as panels, and you’ll see fields where you can edit the descriptions, titles, and details next to each other. You can also import several Instagram posts to Pinterest together instead of separately.

Autopinner DOWNLOAD
Best pinterest Chrome extensions

Pinterest Board Name Generator

Struggling to think of a name for your new board, and you need it to be creative? Pinterest Board Name Generator quickly presents you with a title, and it’s as random as they come. When you click on the Chrome extension icon, a small panel will appear showing you a new name you can use.

If it doesn’t suit your niche, you can keep clicking until you’re happy. There’s no connection to your board, and there’s no algorithm to scan your Pinterest account to see which would be the best fit.

Pinterest Board Name Generator DOWNLOAD
Best pinterest Chrome extensions

Promoted Pin Hider

Are you tired of seeing promotional pins on Pinterest when you’re browsing for ideas? Promoted Pin Hider is a Chrome extension that hides these adverts so you don’t have to deal with them anymore. Sure, you’ll now see gaps on the page where they used to be, but you can now more easily skip them.

The developer is still working on further updates, such as the extension working automatically the moment you land on a Pinterest page. You can also report when it doesn’t work properly so the team can enhance the extension.

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