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8 best T-shirt sites for geeks like us

Ghostbusters T-shirt

A bold T-shirt design is a bold statement on style. Many people are surprisingly afraid of this and settle for plain colors and simple designs. But not us!

You want to wear a shirt that has crazy moon slices!

Moon Slices
Source: DesignByHumans

Alright, sometimes it’s not fruity moons. It’s Halo, Legend of Zelda, Call of Duty, C’thulu, Japanese chibi artwork, horror movies, Marvel, or perhaps just a singular, mind-bending design. If you’re looking for an unusual shirt that connects with your interests, helps you start a conversation, or generally just look awesome, check out our:

7 Best T-shirt sites for geeks like us!

Design by Humans


If you’re looking for great designs inspired by a fandom, along with original artwork you’ve never seen before, Design by Humans is the place to visit!

When you step onto the website, you’ll discover their hipster logo is complemented by a similarly well-designed, modern website with excellent panels to direct you down your next T-shirt shopping rabbit hole. Come along, it’s going to be a good time!


One of the things we love most is the “Discover Art” section. We recommend trying it out! While their “Gaming” area will have tees related to Mass Effect, Galaga, Spider-Man, Mario, and beyond, Design by Humans grants a huge platform to original artists doing their own thing.

Or just stick with gaming!

Shirts DBH


FFBF, which also goes by the title “” acts as a pipeline between artists who love movies, video games, TV shows, and the rest of us who want to buy their designs!


Unlike Design by Human, ForFansByFans focuses on a smaller number of categories. Make sure to check out their entire fandom page to see whether your favorite title can be found inside! If you’re lucky, there will be a “Fan Forge” of artists hard at work making great apparel and accessories.

Shirts WLF



ThinkGeek works like ForFansByFans, in that it excels in a number of fandoms and offers a range of new products. Unlike the others, it also offers a relatively gigantic range of collectibles.

Fandoms TG

Shirts TG

While not our personal favorite, ThinkGeek holds top-tier workmanship for some of the best pop culture sensations ever released. Sure, it may lack the somewhat grassroots feel of the others, but the “geek’s warehouse” vibe might be up your alley!

Last Exit to Nowhere

Last Exit to NowhereSometimes, you want to share your fandom but you only want the cool kids to be able to identify the reference. That’s where Last Exit to Nowhere excels. Their designs are subtle and cool, and unless you’re sitting across from a big fan, it’s possible you might go the whole day with your geek pride undetected except by the biggest fans.

Skynet T-shirt
Alert any Terminator robots you’re on their side with this Skynet shirt.
Nakatomi T-shirt
Only true “Die Hard” fans will recognize that this tasteful design commemorates the Nakatomi plaza, which was home to a pretty rough Christmas party back in 1988.
There Will Be Blood T-shirt
If you recognized this design as a reference to “There Will Be Blood,” Daniel Day-Lewis would give you a high five.

One downside to this great site is that you’ll have to have everything shipped from England, and with the exchange rate, that means prices will be on the high side. Get some friends together and buy in bulk to cut down on the shipping costs.



Admittedly, if you’re going to Etsy, you might be grasping at straws. On the other hand, the Etsy website was intended to help individual creators sell well-made and highly-specialized crafts projects, which fits perfectly with what we’ve seen so far!

As you might expect, Etsy has a nice t-shirt section. Search “Nerdy” or “Geeky” and see what comes up, or directly check for your game/movie/TV show of choice:

Shirts by Etsy

Steven Universe Etsy



“Geek” and “nerd” are often used interchangeably by some, but to others can mean greatly different things.

Zazzle offers “nerdy” outfits, but not in the gaming, anime, and cartoon sense. These clothes are designed for people who love science, mathematics, and other intellectual pursuits!

Shirts by Zazzle


Being fully aware that this version of nerdiness isn’t mutually exclusive with geekiness, we said “heck it” and included Zazzle for your viewing pleasure! No need to say thanks; you’re welcome.

Custom Ink


Yep: this is one of the best websites for custom t-shirts. And that’s totally not cheating! Do you think it’s cheating? We don’t think it’s cheating…

Because sometimes you just can’t find the perfect shirt on any site. Sometimes, the exact design you’ve been searching for is in your own heart and needs to come out on ProCreate, Gimp, or Adobe Illustrator! After that, you can try to sell it on the other t-shirt websites and become a creator yourself, or print off the design right here.

CustomInk has great tools for downloading artwork, bringing a design together, and printing on good materials with timely shipping. We haven’t been disappointed by them yet, and believe you won’t be either!


We hope you find your next favorite shirt on one of these sites! Personally, we’ve had a hankering for something space-related recently. Maybe a Halo, Steven Universe, or Interstellar-themed design? Who knows! The possibilities are truly endless.

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