Best YouTubers for bookworms

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It may seem strange to think about book YouTubers, since YouTube is a media form often blamed for the decline of book reading. Nevertheless, these YouTubers can make any book reader feel at home with their vast knowledge of the literary world. Many of them will read along with you, and create the perfect atmosphere for those looking for some sort of online book club. They also often feature recommendations and book hauls. Here are some of the best ones you can find:


Best YouTubers for bookworms

8. Ben Alderson (formerly Benjaminoftomes)

Quirky and unique, Ben is the perfect YouTuber to watch if you’re looking for someone relatable. He also has great book recommendations, that are sure to grab your interest. While many BookTubers are heavily focused on YA novels, Ben branches a bit outside of this. He’s particularly great for those who like to indulge in the fantasy genre.

7. Ariel Bissett

With a regular upload schedule and a strong personality, Ariel is among the more community-based BookTubers. She is highly interactive and quite funny to watch. She also has interest in books that are unpopular, so if you already watch many BookTubers, she’ll be giving you suggestions that many of the others pass over.

6. Katytastic

Known for her frequent book hauls and book reviews, Kat is a great BookTuber for anyone looking to find some great recommendations and avoid some potentially popular disappointments. She also collaborates with other BookTubers, so her channel ends up being one with many familiar faces. You’ll also end up seeing her on other channels for this same reason.

5. ABookUtopia

Sasha mixes typical YouTube humor with book reviews, creating an expected but delightful channel. Most BookTubers are pretty calm and low energy compared to the average daily vlogger. They also refrain from having as many jump-cuts as well. Sasha takes a completely different approach by being a more vlog-style personality in her book reviews. This can be very comforting for people who are used to the high energy that YouTubers tend to have.

4. Jenny Nicholson

While not a traditional “BookTuber,” Jenny Nicholson tends to focus more on ironic Millennial digestion of pop culture. This leads to many comments on books, fanfiction, and movies that creates an interesting and hilarious experience. If you’re looking for something more geek-oriented and not exclusively book-related content, then she’s definitely worth checking out.

3. vlogbrothers

Most people are familiar with the Green brothers, especially John Green for his book, “The Fault in Our Stars.” No matter how you feel about John’s books, any book lover is sure to enjoy their deep talks about different literary concepts and devices on their YouTube channel. John, in particular, has many interesting videos on literature and pop culture.

2. LilyCReads

Known for her rant reviews, Lily is a hilarious watch for anyone frustrated with plot holes and various book problems that commonly occur. This makes her unique, since most BookTubers tend to be quite positive. Lily can come across as more “real” than others in this category. She has an aggressive passion that fuels many of her book rants. She doesn’t upload as frequently as some other channels, but she is definitely worth checking out.

1. PolandBananasBOOKS

A high energy YA fantasy reader, Christine covers a lot of common pop-culture books and media that anyone is sure to be familiar with. She’s also great to watch if you’re into writing yourself. Despite focusing on many popular books, she brings some unique insight to the world of BookTube, as she tries to commentate on the unmentioned aspects of books. She’s also great to watch if you want to be involved in the conversation of popular books, but don’t have time to read them yourself.

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