Borderlands 3 gets release date, pre-order bonuses

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We waited seven years already; five months is nothing.

Borderlands 3 Moze

Gearbox Games released the newest trailer for Borderlands 3 today. The trailer showed a few more details for the storyline, and set Sept. 13, 2019, as the official release date. You can see these new details yourself below:

New characters

The four new playable vault hunters finally have names. The swashbuckling-looking female with the helmet is called “Moze.” The brutish, heavy, tanky character is named “Fl4k.” The character who appears to be the series’ newest Siren is “Amara.” The grizzled-looking older male character is named “Zane.”

We also got clues as to why each characters’ Action Skills might be. Moze appears to summon a mech-warrior to fight enemies. Fl4k has a Skag who looks hungry for Psychos. Amara grows several limbs to pummel enemies. Zane deploys a small drone-like bot onto the battlefield.

Borderlands 3 Fl4k

New villains

The final major detail you trailer gave us was the identity for the new main villains. The new male and female counterparts are called the Calypso Twins.  Frames from last week’s reveal trailer showed signs saying “Children of the Vault.” Today’s trailer has confirmed that these Children of the Vault are brother and sister.

We don’t have any more details on what their impact has been to Pandora, or what they have planned. A hidden message from the initial teaser trailer saying, “Count the Sirens,” might give us a clue for the motive of the new baddies. You can read about all the hidden messages in the trailer, and watch the trailer in the article below.

Pre-order details

Borderlands 3 preorderBorderlands 3 is now available for pre-order. If you pre-order the game, you get trinkets and skins for all your in-game guns.

The season pass will include four additional campaigns and the Butt Stallion pack. Named after our favorite diamond-pony, the pack includes weapon skins, a weapon trinket, and a grenade mod.

Two different deluxe editions are also available. Each contains additional packs with skins, mods, etc. Finally, there is a collector’s edition valued at $250. The collector’s edition includes the game, the season pass, everything available in the deluxe editions, and figurines of characters, among other baubles.

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