Who is Captain Enoch? The mysterious new villain of Ahsoka

The captain of Thrawn hides an interesting meaning in his name.

Who is Captain Enoch? The mysterious new villain of Ahsoka
Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

The Star Wars universe has always been a breeding ground for intriguing characters who are much more than they initially appear to be. In the latest episode of Ahsoka, a new character has been introduced who has left fans with more questions than answers: Captain Enoch, the right hand of Grand Admiral Thrawn.

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Thrawn is a character known for his brutal efficiency, cunning, and strategic mind, and he already represented a significant threat to the galaxy. However, with the inclusion of Enoch as the captain of his army, the threat becomes even greater.

The most mysterious character in Ahsoka

One of the notable aspects of Ahsoka is its deep embrace of mythical inspirations. From names to character arcs and concepts, the series borrows elements from sources like The Lord of the Rings or Greek mythology. Dave Filoni, the creator of the series, has followed this trend by taking the name Captain Enoch directly from the Bible. This name choice hints that the character could be connected to dark but potentially powerful references.

Enoch is a completely new character in the Star Wars canon, with no apparent inspiration from previous Star Wars legends. But despite his limited screen time, some things can be deduced about his character. First and foremost, the fact that he has a name is notable in a world where the Empire demanded that most Imperial soldiers be identified by operation numbers.

Enoch’s title, Captain of the Guard, is also intriguing. The Empire didn’t typically use this title, but the First Order, its successor, did. This raises the question of whether Thrawn could be influencing the future of the Empire in some way.

However, the most enigmatic aspect of Enoch and his soldiers goes beyond their name and rank. Although they were likely former Stormtroopers stranded in the Spiral Galaxy alongside Thrawn, their armor and behavior have evolved significantly from the characteristic uniformity of the Empire. Captain Enoch, in particular, stands out with his golden facial mask, subverting the traditionally faceless appearance.

The transformation of the Night Troopers into something more than simple Imperial soldiers raises numerous questions. Their name suggests a connection to the Great Mothers, mystical beings who have had dealings with Thrawn in the past. This leads to speculation about whether these soldiers may have been enhanced in some way, perhaps through the magic of the Nightsisters.

The name Enoch also sheds light on his possible role. In the Bible, Enoch is a figure known for his righteousness and for being physically taken to heaven instead of dying on Earth. There are notable parallels between the biblical Enoch and Captain Enoch. Both hold high-ranking positions and have a special relationship with divine beings. The biblical Enoch was taken to heaven and granted knowledge about creation, while Captain Enoch seems to hold a special position among the Night Troopers and Thrawn.

The significance of Enoch’s name could be a clue about the mysticism surrounding the Night Troopers. Since Enoch in the Bible had authority over divine beings, his name could indicate a connection to the magic of the Nightsisters and Enoch’s special role as the leader of this enigmatic group.

Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

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