Clean and improve Windows context menus

Clean and improve Windows context menus

Improve Windows context menusContext menus are a convenient Windows feature that is often underestimated. A simple right click on a file enables you to perform many different actions and often saves you time, along with a couple of extra clicks.

However, context menus can also turn into a real pain, especially when they’re cluttered with a bunch of extra commands that different applications have added to it. Sometimes these extra options are displayed in context menus even after the application they belonged to has been uninstalled, and apparently there’s no way to get rid of them.

I said apparently because there is actually a way to delete them. It’s called Context Menu Editor and it’s a small tool that enables you to clear up context menus by erasing redundant entries. The program doesn’t delete the application, it only removes the link from context menus. Just use it with caution because the removal can’t be undone -you’d need to reinstall the application to get that erased option back.

But what if you want to do just the opposite, that is, add more options to context menus? Well, there’s also a way to do so. Install Context Magic and you’ll be able to add frequently used folders and apps to Windows context menus, making them even more useful.

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