Customize the Windows 7 start button

Customize the Windows 7 start button

Windows 7’s start button is something you’ll use all the time, but what if you get bored of it? Windows 7 Start Button Changer, unsurprisingly, lets you change it!

You can download the application here, and it comes with 10 sets of sample ‘orbs’ to get you started. If you don’t like them, there are lots more to be found on Alternatively, you can create a BMP image (54 x 162 pixels) made up of three 54 x 54 pixel images.

To use Windows 7 Start Button Changer, extract the RAR file – IZArc is a great app for this – and move the folder (it will be called W7SBC) to Program Files.

Next, run the program as an administrator by right clicking the .EXE file in the W7SBC folder, and choosing Run as. Windows 7 Start Button Changer will automatically back up your current start button, and by clicking on the Select and Change Start Button icon, you can pick the BMP image of your choice.

The results are not always perfect, but it’s pretty good overall. If you’re not happy, just click Restore Original Explorer Backup and everything will be put back to normal.

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