Cut The Rope 2: 6 tips and tricks

Cut The Rope 2: 6 tips and tricks

If you haven’t had a chance to try Cut The Rope 2 for iOS, we’ve got some secrets and tips that’ll help you make the most of the sequel.

After the original and two spin-offs, the series returns with a second game, with gameplay very similar to the original. Is Cut The Rope 2 a replica of the first? Not at all, and the new game from ZeptoLabs has some interesting new items and secrets.

Did you know that Om Nom can now move around? Or that he has new friends? Here, we’ll give you some of its biggest secrets so that you can  control the little alien throughout the game.

A thrilling journey

We’ve seen him do the tour of themed worlds, celebrate Christmas, be the subject of experiments and time travel, and now, there are five more environments where Om Nom can freely travel the world.

Each world in the levels of Cut The Rope 2 is set in a different place. We begin in the forest, continue on to the beach, and then visit three different urban landscapes: a landfill, a pretty park, and the subway.

For now, Cut The Rope 2 only has these 5 worlds, but ZeptoLab has said that more will be launched soon.

Cut the Rope 2

Om Nom gets more handsome

Om Nom’s very cute, but his looks can get a bit boring. This has changed in Cut The Rope 2, as the friendly alien now has different caps and head wear. Some of them need to be bought, while others can be unlocked.

But Om Nom isn’t the only thing that’s become configurable: now, you can choose the look of the sighing candies or the stroke effect that you produce with your finger.

Cut the Rope 2

Making friends

If one single novelty has really affected the gameplay of Cut the Rope 2, it’s the inclusion of Om Nom’s new friends. In total, we get to know 5 creatures, equally as curious as the protagonist, but all with incredible powers.

We have the little Lick, who has a very long tongue that can be used as a gateway or to avoid dropping the candy at any given time; the checkered Blue has the ability to multiply; and Roto is a flying bug that can transport you from one site to another in a level. Yes, On Nom is now on the move!

Cut the Rope 2

On the move

Unlike previous versions of Cut The Rope where Om Nom was a static character, our friend is almost constantly moving in this edition. In fact, we can’t move yourself, but depending on the level, you can move around the stage thanks to new friends and some moving structures.

The fact that Om Nom can move is very useful when trying to get the coveted candies, but there’s also a problem– you can fall. If the character does fall at some point, you’ll have to restart the level, as it will be impossible to get to your trophy.

Cut the Rope 2

Did you see the clover?

In Cut The Rope 2, you can get to the extra levels without paying any more money, but you’ll have to work for it. In each world, there will be levels with clovers, and if you get a certain number of them, you’ll be able to access more content.

To get the clovers, you have to make the candy pass over them, just like with stars. Sometimes it’s easy, and sometimes, not so much.

Cut the Rope 2

It’s all about the stars

In Cut The Rope, a world is unlocked when you’ve cleared all the levels in the previous world, regardless of the number of stars that you’ve collected. This works a little bit differently in Cut The Rope 2.

To unlock the next world, you don’t have to have passed all of the previous levels, but you do have to have earned a certain number of stars. At first, you’ll find this quite easy, but after a certain point, you’re going to have to repeat some of the levels to achieve this.

Cut The Rope 2 is looking for excellence when it comes to achieving new levels, although as always, if you’re feeling impatient, you can always pay to unlock content.

Cut the Rope 2

Currently only available in iOS

For now, Cut The Rope 2 is only available for iPhone and iPad. When it’ll be available on other phones, such as Android or Windows Phone, we aren’t sure, but we hope soon. It’s a new title in one of the ‘sweetest’, most entertaining sagas, and not everything that involves candies has to be about Candy Crush Saga.

What do you think of the Cut the Rope series of games?

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