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Delete yourself from the Internet

Delete yourself from the Internet

Have you ever searched for yourself on the internet? It’s a fun and potentially ego-boosting pastime for most, but be warned – some of you are bound to find things you wish weren’t there: angry drunken blog rants, unfortunate photos, leaked videos, useful information and more. If you are one of them, UnGoogleMe is a new browser add-on that’s perfect for you.

Easy to install, and compatible with IE 6, Firefox 3 and Chrome beta builds, UnGoogleMe will change the way you interact with the internet. Now, when you see search results, there will be a small red ‘x’ next to each one. Click this, and your result will disappear forever (unless the search engine’s algorithm is changed, then it may need re-deleting). Incredible but true: UnGoogleMe lets you delete yourself from Google and other search engines!

Sharp readers may look at UnGoogleMe and think, ‘what’s to stop me deleting other people too?’ It’s a good question, and the answer appears to be – nothing. Like most technology in the 21st century, celebrities have been the first to make use of this powerful tool, deleting their rivals and competitors in a cycle of hatred where only one celebrity will be left standing. And guess what? There’s nothing to stop you deleting that one too!

Until search engine providers find a way around it, it seems that like some nightmarish nanotechnology grey goo scenario, UnGoogleMe is going to eat away the internet before our very eyes.

On the other hand, people may surprise us by using it fairly and responsibly, helping the future of UnGoogleMe seem much brighter.

Download UnGoogleMe here, and take control of your, and everyone else’s, public information.

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