Discovering iOS 7: The App Store

Zuzanna Blaszkiewicz


In this video in our series dedicated to learning more about the new mobile operating system from Apple, we present the new App Store.

The App Store in iOS 7 is similar to the iOS 6 version, but it offers lighter graphics and some interesting new features.

Discovering iOS 7: The App Store

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The organization of apps in the Featured tab is almost identical, while that of Top Charts is now split into three subcategories that scroll vertically. The Genius tab is now replaced by Near Me, a new service that suggests popular apps based on a user’s current location. If you discover a cool app, you can suggest it to a friend!

You can easily search through the various categories by tapping Categories on the Top Charts screen.

There’s even the option of automatically updating all of your apps. From the Updates tab, you can check when an app was last updated. If you want to make sure these automatic updates happen only when you’re using WiFi, just go to system preferences, select iTunes Store and App Store, and verify that the Use Cellular Data option isn’t checked.

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Original article written by Pier Francesco Piccolomini for Softonic IT.

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