Disney Interactive launches Story, a scrapbook app for iPhones

Disney Interactive launches Story, a scrapbook app for iPhones

Story by Disney iconDisney Interactive may be known for creating mobile games like Temple Run: Oz and Where’s My Water, but the company is releasing an app that’s neither a game nor does it have to do with any of Disney’s existing franchises. The brand new Story app is a simple scrapbooking app that pulls photos and videos from your iPhone’s camera roll. With Story, users can share photo albums with close friends and family.

The beauty of Story is its simplicity. The app predicts what photos and videos you want combined into a “moment” and suggests them to you. Users can then customize the order photos, add captions, and change the theme before sharing. Moments can have up to 20 photos and two short videos. The way Story handles moments is brilliant; it looks at where and when the photos were taken to decide how to group them.

story by disney thumbnails

Story seems to target users who want to share with friends and family who aren’t on a social network. The app supports sharing to Facebook but also by email. If a moment is shared via email, the recipient will receive a randomly generated link to story.us to view the interactive photo album. This makes sure that photo streams and moments are only available to people with the direct link.

story by disney customize

Story is out today for iPhones running iOS 5 and later.

[Source: Macworld | Download: Softonic]

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