Don’t fall for WhatsApp voice call scam sites

As we know, WhatsApp is going to introduce a voice call feature soon. But while we wait, some malicious people are trying to take advantage of users who want to get the feature early.

If you receive a WhatsApp message saying “Hey, i am inviting you to try whatsapp calling click here to activate now ->”, do not click on the link. Whoever sent you that message is the victim of a scam.

However, we take risks so you don’t have to!

Clicking the link takes you to a scam site telling you you need to invite 10 active WhatsApp friends ‘one by one’. However, by doing so, you will simply spam your friends with the same message. Once you have completed this task, you have to complete an online survey. This is just advertising, and the reason for’s existence: to scam you into seeing advertising, and spread it to your friends.

WhatsApp Scam surveys

Once you complete all of this, you will not be able to make WhatsApp calls! The feature is coming, and has been tested with select users, for a very limited amount of time, but there is no way to trick WhatsApp into giving you voice calls early.

You’ll be able to make WhatsApp voice calls after an update sometime this year, we expect, and the feature will be mentioned in the ‘What’s New’ section of that update. Until then, do not trust any of your contacts sending you messages claiming to know how to get this feature.

It’s not the first time the app has been used in scams. Before it was officially released, there were lots of hoaxs related to WhatsApp for PC. Scammers are not stupid – they find out what you want but can’t find, then promise to give you it. To be safe, make sure you get your information via credible or official sources.

If WhatsApp genuinely wanted to test calls, it would not ask you to invite ten of your friends and complete a survey beforehand. Be wary of any offer like this, be it for WhatsApp or any other product or service.

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