Dragon Age: Origins Character Creator

Dragon Age: Origins Character Creator

Well, just a few days after the release of Dragon Age: Origins, fans probably think that things can’t get any better. But they’d be wrong!


It’s not often you get something for nothing, but luckily the world of software is a little different. The lovely people at BioShock have brought out an additional piece of software for new game Dragon Age – Dragon Age: Origins Character Creator. As we’ve seen around the forums, the news has left some gamers cold, but the more creative among us are definitely going to have a lot of fun with the tool, which allows you to create characters to use in the PC game and upload them to Dragon Age’s upcoming social networking site for use as a (really cool) avatar. There’s even mention of an in-game bonus for people who use the tool to create characters that they later use online.

elf_2.pngThe whole creation process is really simple. You pick gender, race and class, and get creating. The really cool thing is the degree of control you have over facial features. You can tweak just about every aspect, which means that your end character will be unique and easily identifiable in the chaos of the game. When you’ve finished with your character’s appearance, you can chose a voice and a pose for what they call the profile (in reality, a small avatar). Don’t forget that every option has specific subsequent options, so have a good fiddle around with the tool so you don’t miss anything cool.

After you’re done with the physical fine-tuning, you can turn your attention to your character’s skills. As you’d expect, these will depend on the type of character you’ve created, but as you can create several different characters and modify them once you’ve finished, you’ll have plenty of time to play around and discover the best combo for your gamestyle. But what if you haven’t managed to get your hands Dragon Age: Origins? Well, if you are planning to pick the game up at a later stage you can still download the creator, although you might be a little confused about how certain aspects relate to the game until you give it a go.  Alternatively, give Dragon Age Journeys a try online. OK, it’s not a patch on the game, but if you’re desperate and broke, it’s probably your only option!


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