Enhanced HD video comes to Skype on Windows 8

Enhanced HD video comes to Skype on Windows 8

Skype for Windows 8 has been updated with enhanced HD video capabilities and improved video messages.

If you’ve got a good enough camera, and enough bandwidth, you can get HD video support for Skype on Windows 8. You can send 720p video, and receive 1080p video calls, although this also depends on the the specifications of your friend’s connection.

Video messages have also been improved. These allow you to send video to your contacts when they are offline, but were not always easy to find, and a little unstable.

This update also fixes some minor bugs:

  • File transfer: Crash after the sender initiates file transfer and moves back to conversation
  • Call connect: Crash when reconnect attempts in some situations
  • Notifications: Crash when clicking on notification in some situations

Download Skype for Windows 8.

[Source: Skype blog]

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