Prepare for the Epic Journey: Get Acquainted with the Vast World and Memorable Characters of Final Fantasy XVI

We tell you all the details about characters like Clive Rosfield and his nation.

Prepare for the Epic Journey: Get Acquainted with the Vast World and Memorable Characters of Final Fantasy XVI
Nacho Requena Molina

Nacho Requena Molina

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It has taken longer than many of us would have liked, but Final Fantasy XVI is here. The video game developed by Square Enix arrives in stores loaded with new features, many of which may have gone unnoticed among so much information and trailers. However, that is precisely what we are here for.

We tell you everything you need to know about Final Fantasy XVI and its world before playing it. Let’s get to it.

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Where does the game take place?

The Final Fantasy XVI universe takes place in a world called Valisthea. In this universe the Mother Crystals arise, elements that produce an ether that the different nations use. With this material, the people of each kingdom can do magic and enjoy a life full of abundance, but as in any good story, something happens that changes the future: the arrival of the Stygian lands consuming all the ether.

What are the nations of FFXVI?

Within this vast world, Final Fantasy XVI has several nations to highlight.

  • Grand Duchy of Rosaria: this country is located in the western region of Valisthea and groups several provinces under the rule of the Dominant of Phoenix, who is proclaimed archduke at the age of majority.
  • Holy Empire of Sanbreque: Sanbreque is the largest confessional state in all of Valisthea. Its capital, Oriflamme, has citizens of the empire who enjoy a prosperous life under the watchful eye of his holiness, the emperor whom they revere as the incarnation of their one true god.
  • Kingdom of Waloed: located in the eastern region of Valisthea, it has dedicated all its efforts to fight against the hordes of orcs. It has an extraordinary military capacity thanks to the power of its Mother Crystal.
  • Republic of Dhalmekia: made up of five states whose representatives make up the council, the republic’s governing body is advised by the Dominant of Titan. It controls almost all of southern Valisthea thanks to the enormous amount of ether it obtains from its Mother Crystal.
  • Iron Kingdom: this archipelago located in Tormentia, the western region of Valisthea, barely maintains diplomatic relations with the continent. The iron-blooded inhabitants of the Iron Kingdom are devoutly orthodox crystalline and have their own language.
  • Crystalline Domain: located in the central region of Valisthea, it possesses the largest Mother Crystal. Its history is that of several nations, since it has watered its lands in bloody battles for the control of the Dominion, of great strategic importance, until the signing of an armistice put an end to hostilities in pursuit of an equitable sharing of the crystal’s blessing.

Who is who?

Having commented on the realms, it is time to go into the characters. The first thing to point out is that some characters have invocations known as Dominants. Having said that, let’s start, of course, with the main character: Clive Rosfield. Firstborn of the Archduke of Rosaria, he has trained very hard to master the sword, since he has not been granted the power of the Phoenix. He is fast, agile and very tough, besides being the character we will control throughout the adventure.

In second place we have Joshua Rosfield, Clive’s brother and second son of the archduke. Unlike Clive, this one has been the chosen one and is the Dominant of Phoenix. He is a weak and sickly ten-year-old boy who prefers books to swords, so he believes that Clive, much stronger and fearless, is the one who should have inherited the eikon’s powers. Despite belonging to royalty, he treats everyone equally.

Now it is time to talk about Torgal, a wolf-dog that will accompany us throughout the game. Coming from the northern territories, the archduke Elwin Rosfield found him during one of his expeditions alone in the snow and brought him with him to Rosaria to give him to his children.

Let’s go to the nexus of union: Jill Warrick. Born in the northern territories, she was sent to Rosaria as a guarantor of peace between the two regions when she was just a child. The archduke insisted that she grow up with his sons Clive and Joshua, whom she treats as if they were her brothers. However, fate separates her from both of them and she manifests her powers as a Shiva Dominant, eikon of ice.

Dominant of Garuda, eikon of the wind, we have Benedikta Harman. After having suffered a youth plagued by misery, Benedikta uses her masterful command of steel and the arts of conviction to be appointed commander of Waloed’s elite spy corps.

And we close this article with three more characters: Hugo Kupka, Titan Dominant and financial advisor to the Council; Dion Lesage, crown prince of the Holy Empire of Sanbreque and Dominant of Bahamut; and Barnabá Tharmr, Dominant of Odin and one of the toughest characters in the game.

Remember that you can already try the demo to enter the universe of Final Fantasy XVI.

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