Fernando Alonso: More Than Just a Good Driver, a Master of Twitter!

He's on every podium... and every Twitter thread

Fernando Alonso: More Than Just a Good Driver, a Master of Twitter!
Chema Carvajal Sarabia

Chema Carvajal Sarabia

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El Nano, as the general public calls him. We also have the nickname Magic Alonso. Be that as it may, Fernando Alonso is breaking records in his 20th season. He is already over 40 years old and still unstoppable.


The Formula 1 driver of Asturian origin is on a roll this year with his new team, Aston Martin. The English team has relied on him to make his car a car at the height of the championship. So far they have two races… two podiums.

Only Red Bull is ahead right now, and it seems difficult to catch Checo Perez and Max Verstappen. But if there is one thing Nano has shown us is that anything is possible. The 33 is closer than ever.

A machine on the track, a mass phenomenon in networks

Good old Fernando Alonso blew up on Twitter the other day after the 2023 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. Mercedes driver George Russell posted a thank you tweet on Twitter saying that Alonso had done a great race and that he congratulated him.

And Fernando Alonso decided to thank him with a photo of his front, with a very close shot, imitating how he saw George Russell during the whole race: through the rear-view mirror. And the fact is that the Nano was 3rd and Russell 4th.

This tweet went viral in a few minutes. Right now it has almost 50,000 retweets, 300,000 hearts and 9 million reproductions.

The funny thing about all this is that two days ago the Asturian trolled again on Twitter. This time to the official account of Formula 1 and the Australian Grand Prix, one of the funniest of the whole circuit.

As the official account put an upside down tweet about the race, referring to Australia being upside down, as they are in another hemisphere. Fernando Alonso thought nothing like responding with a picture of his forehead… upside down.


Fernando Alonso has become by his own merits the most mediatic driver of the entire Formula 1 circuit at 41 years old, and he is the only great driver left from past times, where fans listened to 3-liter V10 gasoline engines that developed up to 900 hp of power.

Who knows if we will see the 33, what is clear is that half the world is looking forward to it.

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