The FIFA World Cup X Call of Duty crossover you didn’t know you needed

Shaun M Jooste


With the World Cup officially live with fans watching the world over, game publishers and developers have decided to join the hype. It’s a strategy used to coin in on the fervent passion that football gamers have, making as much money from you as possible. However, Activision has decided on a different tactic, giving you free rewards in select Call of Duty games if you can guess the winners of upcoming matches.

That’s right. If you head to Call of Duty Modern Warfare II or the free Warzone 2.0, you’ll see a new section where you can vote on upcoming matches. If you are correct, you’ll receive a load of awesome rewards. For example, you’ll score 10,000 XP, a calling card with the National flag of the team that won, and also a remixed anthem you can play while riding in a vehicle during a battle.

The FIFA World Cup X Call of Duty crossover you didn’t know you needed

Of course, you could set yourself as a target if you perform the latter action. Fans of the United States might see you sporting the English flash and playing the new anthem as you pass. While they would have aimed at you anyway, they’ll shoot at you now with an increased desire to kill your character.

FIFA World Cup X Call of Duty crossover

Be that as it may, Call of Duty isn’t the only game featuring a World Cup crossover. As usual, you’ll find unofficial Fortnite skins and weapon wraps. There’s even a Rocket League type game where you try to score goals with your vehicle

When it comes to popular football players, Neymar has made an appearance in Mobile Legends and Mech Arena while also being a new skin in Call of Duty alongside Pogba and Messi. We’re not sure why these players are joining the war in the FPS battle royale, but we’re sure many gamers will be keen to head in there with these familiar faces.

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