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Final Fantasy XIII for PC modified to support higher resolutions

Final Fantasy XIII for PC modified to support higher resolutions
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Final Fantasy XIII launched for the PC yesterday to lackluster reviews. In addition to requiring a whopping 60GB of space to run, the game’s developer Square Enix inexplicably capped the game’s resolution at 720p (1280×720). This has many gamers angry because running the game in 720p resolution looks fuzzy on a 1080p or higher resolution monitor.

Less than a day later, an enterprising modder who goes by the name “Durante” has found a way around this restriction. Durante was also responsible for getting around a similar resolution restriction in the game Dark Souls. His updated GeDoSaTo tool lifts the resolution lock and allows players to increase the resolution.

The GeDoSaTo tool is in beta, so expect to see some bugs. But for fans of Final Fantasy XIII who have already purchased the game, the occasional bug may be worth it to run the game in glorious high definition.

It’s curious why Square Enix chose to cap the resolution of the game when it’s clearly capable of running higher resolutions. With 60GB worth of high resolution textures, it seems counter intuitive to artificially cap the game, though it may have been for performance reasons. Still, the company should let gamers decide if their computers are powerful enough to run the game at higher resolutions.

You can download Durante’s GeDoSaTo tool at his blog.

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Via: Destructoid

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