Firefox will protect users from web tracking on Android’s infinite scroll

Firefox takes a new step in its services.

Firefox will protect users from web tracking on Android’s infinite scroll
Daniel García

Daniel García

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Mozilla Firefox, the well-known browser that also has its own Android version, continues to update itself with the user’s interests as the highest priority. In fact, the new patch of the application will protect against web tracking that is done using infinite scrolling on Android systems.

In this way, Firefox once again shows itself as one of the browsers that cares the most about the well-being of its users, especially considering that a large part of the updates they carry out are to protect them from the most annoying aspects of the Internet, such as cookies, tracking, or spam.

Firefox Update 122

This update of Mozilla Firefox is once again focused on providing the community with better tools to defend their interests. In fact, as detailed by Mozilla in their blog about this new patch, privacy control has been increased for the benefit of the user so that certain websites that take advantage of infinite scrolling to introduce tracking cookies cannot do so without the user’s consent. This feature can also be disabled, if the user prefers.

Also, more improvements have been implemented within this same update, such as the ability to view PDF files without the need to download any additional software. This way, users will have greater ease in consulting this type of files directly without leaving the Mozilla browser. Taking into account that PDF is a globally used format, this represents another attractive improvement for the overall usability of the Android browser.

Other changes for the user

As previously mentioned, Mozilla Firefox is characterized by carrying out improvements and updates that are beneficial for its users. Among other things, Firefox has released some interesting updates in recent months, such as the option to filter spam messages, the ability to detect content created with AI, or improve support for extensions.

However, sometimes Firefox faces unfair competition, as in a recent accusation against YouTube after detecting that many users experienced longer waiting times using their browser compared to Google Chrome, while on other non-Google websites, the performance was not an issue.

Daniel García

Daniel García

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