First Screenshots of Icy Tower 2

First Screenshots of Icy Tower 2

One of the biggest freeware PC games of all time, Icy Tower is getting a sequel. Free Lunch developer Johan Peitz released the first tutorial screenshot of Icy Tower 2 this morning, and promised more to come over the weekend.

The game was quietly announced over the summer, and now we have four screenshots to check out in total, which you can see below.

According to Free Lunch Design, Icy Tower 2 is first being released on iOS soon, and will be brought to PC and Mac ‘if all goes well’ after that.

You could see Icy Tower, which was released in 2001, as a forunner to the viral mobile games of recent years like Angry Birds. Icy Tower was one of the first games to prove that simple, easy to pick up gameplay could trump big budget titles for popularity. More than 20 million downloads is hard to argue with!

We’ll be sure to keep you up to date with further Icy Tower 2 developments!

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