Five great free mobile cricket games

Five great free mobile cricket games

If you can’t get enough of the action from the Cricket World Cup then why not install some free cricket games to play on your phone in between matches? Here’s a selection of some of our favorites:

Cricket3D (Java), Free

With its precise, detailed control system, Cricket3D really tests your cricketing skills (or at least your ability to read the game). Games in Crciket3D are limited to just two overs, and the object is to score more runs than your opponent with these 12 balls. The graphics won’t bowl you over, but the Aussie commentary in the game is great.


Cricket League of Champions (Java), Demo

Cricket League of Champions is a challenging Twenty20 mobile cricket game where you get to go for cricketing glory. The demo version of Cricket League of Champions allows you to play a one-off ‘quick dual’ match of five overs. You can pick from a range of international teams, and get total control over your bowling and batting line-ups.

League of champions

Cricket 20-20 (Symbian S60), Free (adware)

Cricket 20-20 allows you to play one-off limited overs matches and 20-20 tournaments. It proves to be one of the slickest mobile cricket simulations around. Batting and bowling controls are all done via the numbers on the keypad. You also have the option to set field positions, choosing from defensive or aggressive formations, or customizing the set-up yourself.


Cricket Trivia (Java), Free (adware)

Think you know your cricket? Then test yourself with Cricket Trivia. The game consists of a series of cricket quizzes with questions covering mainly international teams, players and matches. There are four different multiple choice game modes in Cricket Trivia, with challenging questions ranging from how many test match runs Damien Martyn scored, to Shane Warne’s career bowling average.

Cricket Trivia

Stick Cricket (iOS), Free

If you fancy yourself as a world class batsmen then install Stick Cricket and see what you’re really made of. The object of the game is to judge your shots to perfection in order to hit as many sixes as you can. There are four different game modes, including a World Cup Edition where you get to face some of the most fearsome bowlers in the modern game.

Stick Cricket

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