Flipboard adds contributors to your magazines

Flipboard adds contributors to your magazines

Flipboard, the ‘personal magazine’ for Android and iOS has been updated to version 2.0.3 and now lets you invite your friends to help create your magazine.

Now when you make your own magazine in Flipboard, there is an option to add a contributor. Tap that, and you can send an email invitation to anyone you like for them to become a contributor to your magazine. You can easily remove any contributors you add too.

Flipboard is adding more and more features, but it’s still better looking than it is functional. The contributors feature has been added for all versions on Android, iPhone and iPad.

Magazines were brought to Flipboard in version 2.0 earlier this year. They are essentially a neat way to save articles. Anything you read on Flipboard can be added to your magazines by tapping a + button. You can share your magazines by email, Twitter, Facebook and many other services. Contributors could make your magazines really interesting if you find the right people!

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