Fortnite: Loot Lake dig site revealed

Mysterious events have been occurring all across the Fortnite map over the past few weeks. First, a mysterious helicopter showed up near Lazy Lagoon and began circling the map, jumping to a new spot every day or so. As the helicopter made its route, dig sites began appearing in its wake. Excavators and other equipment arrived at dig locations near Paradise Palms and Dusty Divot, but appeared to find nothing of interest. It seems, however, that the helicopter and the mysterious organization that operates it has arrived at its final target: Loot Lake is gone, replaced instead with a massive excavation site and a mysterious metal hatch.

Fortnite: Loot Lake dig site revealed

fortnite loot lake dig site
Image courtesy Epic Games

As seen in the image above, Loot Lake as we know it is no more. The mysterious organization behind the helicopters and dig sites has completely uncovered the center of the lake to reveal a massive metal door. Though we can only speculate at the purpose of the door, this latest event has revealed quite a bit about this mystery organization.

Veteran Fortnite players will recognize that the construction vehicles bear the same emblems and color scheme as the organization that built the research facility over Dusty Divot way back in Season 4. Though this organization doesn’t have an official name, it appears they’ve returned to start some sort of new project.

fortnite loot lake excavator
Image courtesy Epic Games

The big question that now remains is what this new hatch conceals. There certainly isn’t a shortage of theories. Players will remember that Loot Lake was a central location for the events of Season 6, where the enigmatic Cube began its floating journey around the map, and eventually exploded to reveal an alternate dimension. Some theories have speculated that this hatch has something to do with the Cube and the alternate dimension that it was connected to, which, in turn, is connected to the Rifts that appear in certain locations around the map.

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Other theories suggest that the menacing Ruin is imprisoned inside the hatch. Ruin was recently revealed to be the Season 8 Discovery reward skin and appears as a sinister looking knight-like figure with glowing orange and black armor. Epic Games has teased Ruin’s arrival for some time now, and players have long theorized that Season 8’s finale will take the form of a giant raid-like boss battle. If this theory is correct, that means that this organization will release Ruin when the hatch is opened, allowing him to wreak havoc across the island.

fortnite ruin skin
Image courtesy Epic Games

Whatever the case, it seems that the threads of Fortnite’s past seasons are all being tied together. So far, the events of the past several weeks have called back to Seasons 4,5,6, and 7. Perhaps the Season 8 finale will finally reveal the answers to some of the questions that have persisted about Battle Royale’s loose plot.

Who is this organization? What is the Cube’s true nature? What is the alternate dimension and how does it relate to the Rifts? The only questions that don’t seem any closer to being answered pertain to Season 8. The treasure hunt that’s been the central focus of this past season may end up being tied to this hatch. With any luck, all the answers will be revealed during the Fortnite Season 8 finale event in the next few weeks.

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