Free app Xowa lets you download all of Wikipedia

Jonathan Riggall


A new free Windows, Mac and Linux app allows you to download the whole of Wikipedia, images included, onto your computer. Named Xowa, the developers claim you’ll need at least 80GB of space and around five hours to process the text after it’s been downloaded.

You can choose to download the full English Wikpedia or a much smaller Simple Wikipedia. The full version has an enormous 13.9+ million pages with 20.0+ GB of text, while the Simple version clocks in at only 180,000+ pages and 90,000+ images. You’ll be able to read Wikipedia normally almost exactly as you see it on the web once its set up.

Free app Xowa lets you download all of Wikipedia

Whichever you choose, once downloaded and processed, you’ll have Wikipedia available offline whenever you want. The development team say it’s ideal for keeping on a pen drive, so you can access it wherever you find a computer. You can also edit articles with Xowa – remove ‘vandalism’ or errors, or even rewrite the whole encylopedia giving yourself credit for inventing or discovering everything.

Download Xowa here.


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