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Grace Sweeney

Grace Sweeney

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Free online courses have been around for a while now. There are thousands of choices, from MOOCs (online college-level classes) to specialized boot camps and program-specific certifications.

Getting free training where you can is a great way to make moves toward a higher paying job. But it’s important to understand that what you get out of these offerings depends on what you put into these options.

Below, we’ve listed a collection of digital resources that can help you keep pace with changing tech–whenever you have time.

Let’s have a look…

8 free online classes to make you more valuable

online learning

1. Hubspot: online certification courses

Hubspot certification tracks

Hubspot is a go-to site for sales and marketing professionals hoping to stay relevant in rapidly changing fields.

The site offers access to several training modules like sales strategy, inbound marketing, and social media—free of charge.

The marketing course, for example, will walk you through the basics of creating content for every stage in the buyer’s journey. It should take around four hours to complete, and you’ll then be able to take the test — a final exam delivered multiple choice style.

Are Hubspot certifications worth it?

They are, but they aren’t a requirement. For example, Hubspot Inbound Marketing is a great resource for the beginner marketing pro. Course offerings cover all of the “best practice basics,” and once you earn certification, you’ll have some proof that you’ve mastered the tricks of the trade.

Certifications are good for one year, and most are free. These courses are well-known in the sales and marketing spaces—often recommended by supervisors hoping to educate their teams quickly.

2. Udemy: This is how you make iPhone apps

iOS app workshop free

Udemy’s course is more of a workshop, designed to teach you how to create apps and submit your very first attempt to the App Store in less than a day.

This five-hour course is free and promises to teach you every step in the iOS App development process. While this might be easier for those with a bit of coding background under their belts, the course description does mention that coding newbies are more than welcome.

Course includes:

  • 4.5 hours on-demand video
  • Nine downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access to mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion

3. freeCodeCamp

free coding courses

freeCodeCamp is a non-profit online resource that will teach you HTML5, Python, CSS3, Javascript, and more. The mission is to help people learn to code through a vast library of online articles, lectures, and interactive coding lessons. Work at your own pace and earn certifications.

We should mention, the programs will be a significant time investment. Each certification requires 300 hours and the completion of five final projects.

Additionally, you can gain work experience by working on coding projects for nonprofits. So, while this is a lot of work, you will have the unique benefit of getting a free education and the documentation to back up your new found skill set.

4. Facebook Blueprint Certification

Facebook Ads Certifications

Facebook is a crucial element in any organization’s digital strategy, whether you’re striving for organic traffic or better ad results.

One way to go from generic marketer to social media pro is to become a certified Facebook pro through the site’s Blueprint training program.

What is Facebook Blueprint?

Well, it’s a comprehensive guide to all things Facebook ads. There are 100+ courses available, free, which show you how to do everything from creating Facebook pages to generating more Instagram activity.

FB offers two Blueprint certifications, one for planning and one for buying. Both require participants to pass two exams and certification is valid for 12 months. At which point, you can renew your credential. While the training is free, you do need to pay $150 per exam.

5. edX: Academic and business writing

UC Berkeley Business Writing free

Considering leveling up in the soft skills department? If so, brushing up your writing skills isn’t a bad place to start.

edX offers access to UC Berkeley’s intro to academic and business writing course, which provides an excellent overview of grammar, structure, editing, vocabulary, and publication.

6. Alison: Diploma in web business development and marketing

business marketing alison

Building a web presence is a complicated process, especially if you’re newer to the world of autoresponders and driving traffic. This free course blends email marketing basics and lead generation methods with backend stuff like web hosting and creating pages.

According to the site, you’ll finish the course with the ability to create a website, understand web design concepts, and identify different ways to monetize your website.

Alison courses are free, but obtaining certification means you’ll need to score 80% or higher in each assessment and you’ll need to pay for official certification via the Alison shop.

7. Copyblogger: Internet Marketing for Smart People

internet marketing for smart people

Copyblogger isn’t just a great blog for the internet writers out there; they also provide several certifications aimed at helping people become better writers.

This specific course, which consists of a collection of eBooks, modules, and more covers the best practices associated with creating a profitable online business.

So, it’s essentially a valuable tool for any business. Level up copywriting, content marketing, and relationship building.

You might not get an official diploma, but you will walk away with some new skills you can add to your CV.

8. Google Digital Garage

Digital Garage online certification

Google’s Digital Garage is a hub for free tutorials that cover everything related to digital marketing—including video marketing, SEO, email marketing, search engine marketing, and more.

While the Google Analytics certification is better known (and worth doing as well), the search giant’s garage certification is essential for anyone who wants to learn digital marketing basics or brush up on the latest best practices.

Keep in mind that this isn’t a quick five-hour workshop. The free program spans 26 modules and 40 hours. Once you pass the test, you can download and showcase your new set of skills on LinkedIn and elsewhere.

Grace Sweeney

Grace Sweeney

Grace is a painter turned freelance writer who specializes in blogging, content strategy, and sales copy. She primarily lends her skills to SaaS, tech, and digital marketing companies.

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