Top 7 online tools to improve your writing

Top 7 online tools to improve your writing
Troy Zaher

Troy Zaher

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Whether you’re a professional writer or simply writing for fun, writing assistant tools are useful for virtually everyone. From mobile apps to browser extensions, there are hundreds of tools out there, each with its own unique uses. Here are some of the best ones for making your writing more professional.


Top 7 tools to make your writing better

7. Whitesmoke


Whitesmoke works as an extension to your word processor, and essentially an upgrade to the basic grammar check that is pre-built into the processor. While most grammar checks simply tell you what’s wrong, Whitesmoke is a sophisticated program that will help you rewrite your work to create sentences with more substance. Their website also contains educational videos on various grammar subjects to improve your overall writing skills.

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6. Evernote

Have you ever struggled through a mountain of windows and browser tabs, looking for a little note you wrote down? This extension lets you have your notes right next to your work as you’re writing. This means you can keep track of multiple things without needing to sift through a variety of tabs and windows to look at all of them.

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5. EasyBib


While this app is perfect for students, it can be used by anyone who finds themselves struggling with citations. This is a great app for avoiding plagiarism, as it helps you create in-depth bibliographies for your work. While you may not always need citations in your writing, it is important to make sure you’re not stealing someone else’s work.

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4. Just Not Sorry

Just not sorry

A Gmail extension specifically created for professionals. If you find yourself using words like “just,” “very,” and “sorry” too frequently, then this extension is a great way to change the tone of your emails, so you don’t sound unprofessional. It finds synonyms for these common fluff words, so you aren’t overusing them.

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3. Grammarly

Similar to Whitesmoke, Grammarly is a browser extension and mobile app that will help check your grammar and spelling in your everyday life. It is a natural upgrade from autocorrect that anyone can use, as it will also check the grammar of your sentences, instead of just the spelling. We use it here at Softonic, and it’s saved us from some embarrassing situations.

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2. LibreOffice

LibreOffics is a free alternative to Microsoft Word that comes in both desktop and mobile forms. This can really save you a lot of money if you don’t want to pay for Word. It contains virtually all the same functionality (besides being able to run Word documents themselves), without the pesky fee.

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1. Diaro


This journal app works similar to a mobile version of Evernote, as it is a perfect way to keep track of any information you have, pulling it up on short notice. It allows for an easier organization format than the pre-built notes app. As the name implies, you can also use this app as a virtual diary, making it easy to document important parts of your day and life.

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While many of these are their own application, a good portion of them work as extensions to everyday programs like Microsoft Word, and Google Chrome. These aren’t the only great extensions out there, so be sure to check out our list on the best Chrome extensions to improve all aspects of your browsing experience.

Troy Zaher

Troy Zaher

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