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Game of Thrones is back! How does the game stack up to the show?

Game of Thrones is back! How does the game stack up to the show?
Lewis Leong

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Game of Thrones returned last week for Season 5. But before you start the new season, you should play Telltale Games’ Game of Thrones.

Not to be confused with RPG, Game of Thrones – The Game, Game of Thrones – A Telltale Games Series is a point-and-click adventure game. It takes place in the same Game of Thrones universe as the TV show but offers a completely unique storyline.

Actors from the HBO show are faithfully recreated in-game and provide great voice acting. You’ll get to see Lena Hadley as Cersei Lannister, Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister, Natalie Dormer as Margaery Tyrell, Kit Harington as Jon Snow, and more (I won’t spoil the surprise).

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Game of Thrones – A Telltale Games Series follows the story of House Forrester, a northern house aligned with the Starks until the events of the Red Wedding. If you haven’t watched the show, you’ll want to watch up to the end of season 4 to understand what’s going on in the game (and to avoid spoilers).

But is the game as good as the show? In short, yes and possibly even better. You’re playing a passive role watching the show but with the game, every choice you make affects the outcome of the story. I’ve played other Telltale games like The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us but neither of those games made me agonize over my decisions as much as Game of Thrones.

The game works well because of its TV roots. We’ve sat through four seasons with these characters and feel deeply connected to each one. Love or hate, we want to see how our heroes get their revenge or see how their enemies die. By intertwining characters from the show and game, we’re immediately invested in the new characters.

Even though you’re playing as characters from House Forrester, a relatively unknown family in the A Song of Ice and Fire books, you are still invested in the characters. Telltale Games did a great job establishing the characters in House Forrester in a short period of time.

Point-and-click adventure games succeed or fail by their stories. With the help of George R. R. Martin’s personal assistant, Ty Corey Franck, Telltale crafted a unique storyline while maintaining everything that makes the show great. The Game of Thrones show and books are known for shocking viewers with plot twists and sudden deaths and the game is no different. You’ll be shouting, laughing, and crying throughout each episode.

Some players may lament the lack of combat and more interactivity, but it’s not a completely passive experience. I like the puzzle solving and dialog in the game. You’re not going to be sitting back and watching extended cutscenes. You’ll have to be alert and analyze what each character is saying to make good choices. I accidentally missed a few dialog choices while trying to text someone on my phone so don’t be like me.

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While the Game of Thrones game can’t stand on its own as a story or game, it is the perfect compliment to the TV show. If you love the show, you’ll love the game. We’re only three episodes into the six episode “season” of the Game of Thrones game but I’m already worried about what’s going to happen next.

I really, really hope I made the right choices.

Click here for my full review of Game of Thrones – A Telltale Games Series.

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