Get unlimited free file storage and send files up to a Terabyte with SoShare

Get unlimited free file storage and send files up to a Terabyte with SoShare

Bittorrent will today announce SoShare, and unlimited file storage system. It will allow sharing files of up to a terabyte in size, with unlimited storage. The service has been tested in various forms over the last few months, and Bottorrent are clearly being very careful not to repeat the mistakes of Mega, with a big launch that breaks the service.

Unlike most file storage systems, SoShare is based on the Bittorrent protocol. We tested uploading a file of 50GB, and found it was much faster than Mega or Dropbox, to name just two.

To upload and share files, or bundles of files, you must be registered. Registration means you agree that you are responsible for what you share on the service, much like Mega. One major difference is that files expire after 30 days. Registered users have the option to take their bundles offline before this, meaning you shouldn’t lose your files. The sharer can share links publicly, as they are responsible for what they contain. You are also provided with details about whether your file has been viewed or downloaded.

You don’t need to be registered to download files, you simply receive a link that takes you to a SoShare thumbnail gallery of the file or bundle. The web app works on Chrome or Firefox, plus Internet Explorer for Windows, and Safari for Mac. When you first use it, SoShare will install a plugin in your browser, allowing it to function.

Being able to share files and bundles up to a terabyte in size, with no limit on total storage makes SoShare a very attractive storage solution. Large transfers can be paused and resumed, so you don’t have to worry if you lose your connection. Bittorrent say the service has been designed with creative professionals in mind, like photographers and film makers who work with large file sizes.

Check out SoShare here.

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