Gmail update makes your emails a lot tidier

Gmail is making conversation view optional, which mean you lose the long thread of past emails from a single conversation

Conversation view optional on Gmail iOS and Android
Mobile Gmail is getting a desktop Gmail feature

Gmail is an excellent webmail client. It is feature-packed, has just been the subject of a massive update and style makeover, and is easy to use on mobile as it is on desktop. Not all things are equal between desktop and mobile Gmail, however, and this latest mini update from the email client is addressing one such issue. Gmail has made Conversation View optional on mobile devices, just like it is optional on desktop.

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Long email conversation threads can grow quickly. Whether you’re emailing just one person or you’ve cc’d in the whole team doesn’t matter. If the issue you’re talking about is complex and has a lot of details, you’ll be going back and forth a lot. This can quickly lead to long, confusing threads that are easy to get lost in. If this sounds like a problem you’ve come up against, you may want to turn off Conversation View.

When you turn off Conversation View all of the emails you receive as part of a conversation will come through individually. Each email will show up in your inbox as a separate email. This could cause problems of its own if you’re email is quickly overrun by individual emails about the same issue, but at least now Gmail mobile users now have a choice.

How to deactivate Conversation view on Gmail iOS and Android

All you have to do to turn off Conversation View on mobile is click your account name in the corner and then scroll down to Settings. When you open the Settings menu one of the first options you’ll see will be the Conversation View option. Uncheck the box, and you’re good to go.

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