Gmail’s best new features

Nacho Requena Molina


At the end of last year, Google pledged that we would see a lot of new features for Gmail in 2018. This email service is the most popular in the world, so the Mountain View team has been working to offer new features. And now we’ve received the first of them. Here are Gmail’s best new features.

New design

Gmail has always been known for having a clumsy interface, typical of the last decade. However, we should clarify that it’s quick, easy and functional, so it’s understandable that Google doesn’t want to touch anything that works well… they just want to improve it.

Finally, the search company has added a new Gmail design. To enable it, just go to the gears icon at the top and click “Try the new Gmail.” The platform will reload after a few seconds and a short tutorial will appear explaining the new features.

Gmail now has a cleaner and more readable design, with rounded and not-so-rectangular shapes. It also added new features at the user experience level. For example, attached files in emails can be downloaded without having to open the email at hand (this is a big hit).

Offline mode

This is one of the greatest new features of this latest update, which the community has been requesting for some years now: offline mode. To get it, you must have the new Gmail design, so follow the steps in the previous point.

Once you’ve done that, enabling offline mode is very simple. Click on the settings icon and then the “Settings” option – redundant, we know. If you take a quick look, you’ll see a field that wasn’t there before, a box called “Offline.” Click there and enable the box “Enable offline email.” It will ask you how many days of messages you want to synchronize, so choose what’s best for you. Now you’re good to go.


Maybe you haven’t responded to your email for a few days and have to do it. Now Google will remind you with a little yellow message. This feature even appears in emails that have already been read. The idea is that no message goes overlooked.


This was already introduced in past trial phase versions, but now, at last, it’s here: the auto-response. This feature involves Google’s AI suggesting what could be your short response to a message you’ve received. For this, the system displays some answers on the screen: you can then choose one and click send. Quick and easy.

Gmail Access now

Self-destructing emails

We’ll wrap up this list of new features with the best one for spies: self-destructing emails. Known under the name “Confidential mode,” this feature is activated once an email is sent and prevents that person from copying, pasting, resending or printing the text. Also, you can add a reading time limit. After this time, the email will no longer be available.

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