Google Maps update: What is the new Commute tab?

Reports are saying Google Maps will soon have a new Commute tab

Google Maps is one of the search giant’s stalwart apps that offers a clear indication of just how good Google can be. Using the Maps app on our phones is almost second nature these days, and we take for granted just how easy it makes everything. When we’re that little blue dot in the middle of the map, the world revolves around us. This is nothing short of miraculous compared to using a static map.

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Miracles and revolutions, however, will never be the end of the story. Evolution must follow revolution and so Google is tasked with constantly improving upon something that changed our lives forever. Small changes to a big product.

The latest update that has been spotted in Google Maps can be found at the bottom of the app. According to a report by Android Police, the team at Google Maps have been testing various new tabs to go along with the common Explore, Driving and Transit tabs at the bottom of Google Maps when it is first opened.

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Some users in the U.S. have spotted a For You tab, but the most commonly spotted new tab is the Commute tab. If these early reports are correct, the Commute tab will replace the Driving and Transit tab, meaning when Google Maps is first opened users will find two options on the new bottom tab, Explore and Commute.

Opening up the new Commute tab offers users the options to commute to home or commute to work. Selecting either will open the map and present commuting option cards at the bottom of the page. There will also be a menu for going through the various commuting options including sharing the directions you’ll be taking or your location, toggling the various map layers, and managing your route options.

We constantly see minor updates to big Google products that aim to shave off precious seconds from our interactions with them. The recent big Google Chrome update saves us time and the Google Maps Commute tab also fits into this philosophy perfectly. Commute may seem to an updated way of showing us the same information Maps has always shown us, but the new design focuses more on getting us the information we need about where we are going quicker, and with fewer steps.

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