GTA Online: Los Santos Drug Wars is here

GTA Online: Los Santos Drug Wars is here
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Every GTA fan has been wondering about something important: when is GTA 6 coming out on the market? However, Rockstar still doesn’t seem to have a predetermined date for the release of the new title. Seeing how the patience of its fans is running out, the studio has decided to release a new chapter for the multiplayer version of its online game. In short, this December 13, GTA Online has planned a free update called Los Santos Drug Wars.


This new update will allow us to dive into a new line of missions within the GTA universe. From new graphics to enhance the experience that GTA V gave us to the growth of a drug empire from nothing, Los Santos Drug Wars promises to give us more than one topic to discuss!

Returning to Blaine: Where the real story began

Do they say life in the countryside is quiet? Then they haven’t played GTA V. The story takes us back to the old Blaine County, where we will embark on a new mission with Ron the Nervous and his band of drug dealers.

In this new stage, we will seek to create an empire Breaking Bad style dominating the world of hallucinogens. However, not everyone will want us to keep all the money, so we will also have to defend it from all kinds of gangs: bikers, hippies, cartels, and much more!

Starting in this world requires new tools with different facilities designed for chemical production and even mobile chemical equipment. In addition, new contacts will be added to our list: Dax, the leader of the Juggalos, will help us with his experience to dominate this new market.

Los Santos Drug Wars is a big title where allies and enemies will be on our heads, and having many followers does not ensure our survival. The title comes so loaded that Rockstar studios have split it into two parts, leaving the first for December 13 and the second unconfirmed.

For now, we will enjoy the first part and everything it has to offer.

GTA Online present Drug Wars

Rev your engines with the latest vehicles

If you think Rockstar wouldn’t continue their tradition with every GTA title, you’re dead wrong. Los Santos Drug Wars comes with a new list of vehicles to drive and show off in front of all the other pedestrians in the city.

Although the studio has withheld the complete list of the new models, we have had access to some of them, such as the Declasse Tahoma Coupe. Although it seems to be the icing on the cake among all the vehicles it will offer, Rockstar announced on Twitter that we would get it for a limited time to join the new adventure.

But getting a vehicle is not the only new feature. Now we will be able to drive our customized vehicles in every compatible race, but this time we will have to disable the weapons. In addition, we will also be able to request our bike from the mechanic.

Do you also remember Hao’s introductory race that didn’t allow us to access upgrades and tuning quickly? Well, that’s history. PS5 and Xbox Series S/X players can access their workshop immediately without having to pass it.

As a final addition to this world, remember the Benefactor Terrorbyte? Well, it was time to give a job to this military mastodon with a rocket launcher. The novelty is that we can start using it in any sales mission without any problem because what better than a super-armed vehicle to carry out all your drug deals?

GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars is here

A better GTA experience for all players

We all know that not only story and vehicles make GTA. Many of us try to enjoy the experience with the different options we are given when we start the game, even playing it in role-playing mode. Therefore, the DLC seeks to facilitate certain features to make everything easier.

The first thing to consider is access to our contacts in iFruit. This feature will be much faster, and we can choose which of our contacts we want on screen using the interaction menu.

There is also good news for Agatha’s casino missions. Many players don’t have a constant companion, and the fact that two players were needed to carry them out was an absolute nightmare. With the new DLC, we can work on them in the solo mode without being dependent on our social skills.

Finally comes the most crucial thing in GTA: money! Obviously, we needed a raise for our smuggling payments, so the DLC tripled their earnings. To enhance the experience, Shark Cards now come with 20-25% more, and GTA+ subscribers can add 15% more to it.

As we can see, if we are not adept at online mode, this is the time to start immediately.

GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars is here

How can I get started with the new Los Santos Drug Wars DLC?

Incredibly as it seems, we won’t have to do anything at all. The DLC is a Christmas gift from Rockstar, and if we play from our PC or consoles, we will see the update arrive automatically by December 13.

The update will come with all new missions, upgrades, vehicles, and much more… so it’s time to get back into GTA and get ready for this new adventure.

GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars is here

A new mission for the Holidays

Los Santos Drug Wars, is one of the best gifts Rockstar could leave us for GTA Online. Taking advantage of the Christmas vacations, what better than to spend them inside the game, creating our new empire of narcotics, surely nothing.

Finally, if you are not adept at online mode, you can always continue classically playing the game and enjoy its long list of tricks. The important thing is that you have as much fun as possible on your vacations, and GTA will allow you to do so.

Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

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