Guide to Polysphere

Have you ever stared at the sky and try to pick out shapes in the clouds? That’s basically Polysphere in a nutshell. And just like staring at clouds, the game is simple, relaxing, meditative – and now it’s right in your pocket for free.

What is Polysphere?

Polysphere ad; find perspective to solve and create masterpieces

Polysphere is a mobile game from German developer Playgendary, and at its heart is a simple 3D puzzle experience. Available for free on Google Play and in the App Store, the game is a series of ‘puzzles,’ that are all fragmented images. What you’ll see on-screen is a series of colored shapes that stationary. Your job is to drag and spin the cloud of 3D pieces around until you angle it just right and the picture becomes apparent.


The best strategy to solving the puzzle is to start by matching the colors. This is especially useful with images that only use one two or three colors. If you start by matching them together, the image will quickly become more apparent. When you’re dealing with a smattering of green and a whole sea of red, clumping the green together makes the strawberry a lot easier to visualize. Another good tip is to remember to swipe up and down, too; not just left and right. All the puzzles are 3D, so depth is just as much of a factor as width and angle.

Polysphere strawberry puzzle
Pro tip: Match the colors together, then slowly rotate the image.

Once in a while, you’ll figure out what the image is, but things aren’t lining up quite right anyway. That usually means you’ve got the image backward. Try spinning the puzzle 180 degrees to reverse it, and it’ll probably match up right to the solution.

Unwind and decompress with Polysphere

Sure there are a couple of tips to mastering the game, but for the most part, this is not a difficult game; that wasn’t Playgendary’s goal. The game’s simplistic charm and intuitive controls are the real selling point, and for the price of “free,” you can see why the game has over 10 million installs.

“It doesn’t really have an objective,” wrote one 5-star reviewer. “Tranquil music plays while I spin the fragments round and round in space. There’s no pressure to achieve anything. I don’t have to slay dragons [or] play like I’m some kind of sharp shooter. With this game, I don’t have to be anything, just have fun. This is a great game for relieving stress, and just relaxing.”

Polysphere unicorn puzzle
After a busy day, chilling with Polysphere is very therapeutic

Polysphere takes up 54M of space and is available for free right now. Grab it today and enjoy!

Polysphere for Android Free Download ►

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