HiPiHi interview part 2

HiPiHi interview part 2

Here is the second part of the interview we had with Cindy Jiang, head of marketing for HiPiHi. If you haven’t yet, check out the first part of the interview, where we learn about the Chinese virtual world and some elements of interaction between users.

HiPiHi ChinaThe private beta is built around Genesis, which includes 5 episodes, associated with the development of your HiPiHi world. Will this be the same with the final version? Will every user go through this introductory process?

“Hipihi –Genesis” includes five episodes, following the principles in the real world. The first section is called “the making of heaven and earth”, we will explore the new world together. Next, we will utilize the character image editing system and the powerful creating system in the episodes of “the making of human beings” and “the exploitation of the works of nature”. The preliminary system of social economy and transaction will be created in the episode of “the insubstantial mirage”. In the last episode, “appearance of the society”, every resident of Hipihi sees the new world and society created by themselves.

How is it specific to Chinese culture? Are you aiming exclusively at Chinese users?

The site is currently in beta testing mode with about 10,000 users – about 15 percent are from overseas. Although we are currently focusing on the Chinese market, we are thinking globally in the long-term. We are aspiring to create a 3D net standard, engendering a global virtual community, and are working to offer HiPiHi in multiple languages.HiPiHi FuWa JinJin

What is the state of the web in China? How do you place HiPiHi in China’s web and tech industry today?

We believe a major trend will be the gradual move from a 2D to 3D web environment. As time goes by the whole social networking arena will shift into the 3D environment. The contextual web as we know it today will become a truly experiential web, as users and providers explore new ways to effect functionality, creativity and generally improve the online environment. In this respect, we hope that HiPiHi will be ahead of the curve.

When will HiPiHi be launched to the public? Are you also planning on an English version?

Our public test will happen in August, and the full commercial launch will hopefully be sometime in the autumn. The English version is under development, and we are planning to release it later.

In a recent interview, the founder of HiPiHi, Hui Xu, said that you had invited sociologists and economists to create “a shared and fair world which will finally embrace the various cultures of the real world”. What steps are you taking to reach this goal?

Now the HiPiHi world is under limited beta test. So during the period our main goal is to make the creation function more powerful and foster our resident community, and form HiPiHi’s unique value.

Will HiPiHi support Windows Vista?

Yes. It will support Windows Vista. Right now there are little problems with the compatibility between the HiPiHi world and Vista. Fortunately, the solution is on the agenda.

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