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How Firefox can help block cryptomining attacks

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Sometimes while you’re working on your computer, you wonder why the device is running so hot. It could be all that you’re doing is surfing Facebook, or getting something done for work, but your device feels like it could fry an egg, and the fan sounds like a helicopter propeller. This could be a sign that someone is hijacking your device to cryptomine.

Seriously, we’re not kidding.

About 2,000 power-stealing attacks happen every minute. Programs that steal your computing power are making attackers millions of dollars while your phone’s data usage bill climbs higher and higher. Basically, cryptominers are making money while you front the bill.
Luckily, Firefox has the tools for the job to help keep you safe from these attacks. If you’re not a Firefox user, this protection might just change your mind.

How Firefox can help block cryptomining

Firefox has partnered with the privacy company Disconnect. Together, they created a list of domains often used by cryptomining scripts. Firefox has given you the chance to block them. Simply select “Privacy and Security” from their menu. From there, scroll down and check the corresponding boxes.

Firefox block

Why you need to block cryptominers

Along with your ever increasing electricity and data bills, there are several reasons why you want to block cryptominers. By hijacking your device, they are rapidly draining your battery. Not only that, if it causes your device to overheat, it can do irreparable damage.

This activity could also pose a threat to the planet. Environmental researchers are concerned about the amount of resources being used up by cryptominers.

Protect yourself now

The bad guys are always working to take advantage of any gaps in your security. Downloading Firefox today can help prevent cryptominers from using your computer to make themselves rich.

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