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How Google Allo learns your style to create messages for you

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Google Allo is a smart messaging app that offers a variety of images and predictive features to help you communicate more efficiently. It features Google Assistant, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to learn more about you so that it can better create messages for you, among many other things. The longer you use Allo, the better it will get to know you — and the more accurate it will become. (Although Google is pulling the plug on it this March.) Here are some ways you can help Allo learn your style.

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How Google Allo learns your style to create messages for you

Chat and use Smart Reply

The first thing to do is to start chatting with your friends. When you do so, Allo will learn more about you. Once Allo gets to know how you communicate — such as how you say hello to a friend — it will give you the option to use Smart Reply. With Smart Reply, you can simply click on a small text bubble that features something you might normally say in response to a question or greeting. Or, Smart Reply might suggest an emoji or sticker if that’s how you prefer to communicate.

When you answer with Smart Reply, Allo learns your preferences and can suggest similar or better responses in the future. The more you use it, the better it gets.

Give Google Assistant access

Google Assistant is one of the smartest AI bots around. Because it has access to all of your personal info — such as your appointments, calendar notes, flights, and any other information you’ve given it access to — it can better understand your needs and style. It will also keep tabs on all of the information you’ve told it via chat or search. This way, it’ll learn your interests, plans, and even your likes or dislikes.

Why spend time looking up your flight info or the name of a movie when Google Assistant can do it for you in no time at all? You won’t even have to leave a conversation to look something up, either. Google Assistant will be right there to help you out.

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Give Google Allo some time

Just as it is when you’re getting to know a real person, you need to give Allo some time to get to know you. Don’t expect it to pick up on your specific style immediately. You’ll only see the perks of smart messaging if you give it a real chance. And if you’re looking for a fun way to pass the time, try getting to know Allo, too — Allo knows plenty of games and jokes to keep you entertained.

How to download your messages

If you’re an Allo fan, Google wants you to be able to save all your messages. Just click here to learn how.

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